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Short story: Praveen Patel (Ram Kapoor) is a 45-year-old Gujarati NRI storekeeper living with his better half and a yearning 26-year-old child in Kuala Lumpur. In spite of the fact that he adores his significant other, Kokila (Suchita Trivedi), he is frequently irritated by her over-religious and some of the time commanding nature. Patel has a tremendous interest for a Bollywood
on-screen character named Shanaya (Sunny Leone) and he eagerly watches her motion pictures, in protection however. Patel's child, Jigar (Navdeep Chhabra), is enamored with their neighbor Naina (Evelyn Sharma). Jigar is a hopeful performer and needs to wed Naina, however Kokila doesn't support her as Naina seems to be "excessively present day" and she needs a
"conventional, unattractive Gujarati" girl in-law. Fate conveys Shanaya from Mumbai to Kuala Lumpur, where she is the "prize" for a Valentine's Day rivalry, and the victor of the challenge gets a date with her. For Patel, this is his blessing from heaven minute that he has been sitting tight for as long as he can remember. He investigates every possibility to win
the challenge and in the end succeeds and protects a date with Shanaya. Before leaving for Kuala Lumpur, Shanaya signs a film assuming the job of a "white collar class Gujarati spouse" and so as to do legitimate equity to the job, her chief, Mac Mundra (Ivan Rodrigues), encourages her to live with a Gujarati family for some time to breath life into her job. While
Patel is out on the town with Shanaya, she thinks about living with Patel's family for a couple of days, as Patel deceives her he lives just with his dad and furthermore lies that he's not hitched yet. Patel makes Jigar as his phony dad and Jigar persuades Naina to be Patel's phony mother. Patel fakes a family crisis back home in India and puts Kokila on the primary
trip back to India before Shanaya's landing to his home. Shanaya at last comes to live with Patel's family. Patel esteems each minute she spends in his home, significantly being a tease and getting warm towards her. One night, when Patel is moving in the downpour with Shanaya, Kokila abruptly arrives home, while Patel is ignorant that she's back in the house. Next
morning, Patel's companion brings a "Kenyan" lady to his home, who could instruct garba to Shanaya. She is, truth be told, Kokila in camouflage, and Patel neglects to perceive her. In the mean time, Patel gets possessive and envious as he feels Shanaya is disregarding him and investing more energy with her co-on-screen character. When Patel sees Shanaya scoring to
music with a band, he gets incredibly irritated and hollers at her, "When you have room schedule-wise to do this, you possess energy for gatherings, you possess energy for your co-on-screen character, for what reason don't you possess the energy for me? Have you at any point inquired as to whether I'm alright or not, even once?"Shanaya feels offended and gets shocked,
and gathers her bag to go out. She clarifies, "On the off chance that we were as one, would you have the option to conform to the way of life of an entertainer. OK have the option to control yourself when individuals gaze at me? No. Since you're uncertain. It takes a solid, secure man to wed an on-screen character." She goes out. At the point when Patel returns from
work, he is astounded to see a wedding is being organized him and he is groom. He is extremely befuddled and expect he is going to get hitched to Shanaya. Shanaya gets that "Kenyan" lady and asks Patel to wed her. Patel admits that he misled her and reveals to her that he can't wed her or that "Kenyan" lady. He says, "I'm as of now hitched. I adore my better half
without a doubt. If it's not too much trouble excuse me." The "Kenyan" lady uncovers that she's Kokila and Shanaya clarifies that they set up this whole circumstance, when Kokila came back to the house. Jigar and Naina get connected on that event. At the point when Shanaya prepares to leave, she says, "(Living with you), I've become familiar with life, than my job."

Release Date: 8 May 2015 (India)

Director:  Devang Dholakia

Genres: Comedy,Drama

Language: hindi

Movie Quality: All Quality

Movie Size: All Sizes

Film Star:  Ram Kapoor, Sunny Leone, Evelyn Sharma

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description/short story will upload soon

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