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Short story: The story is about Kittu, who hijacks pet mutts to satisfy his credit. Once, his ways cross with that of a wear and his life goes in a different direction. Assuming the job of a road side hooligan falls into place without a hitch for Raj Tarun and he has demonstrated it certain in various motion pictures of his profession. As his most recent film Kittu unnadu
jagratha hits the screens, it is clear that he has no plans, in any event for the present, to give something new or move a shot of his customary range of familiarity. A parody film with a significant idiosyncratic title, Kittu Unnadu Jagratha is about a youth named Kittu, who takes pet pooches from wealthy individuals so he can satisfy a credit. Once, he abducts the
pet puppy of Janaki ( Anu Emmanuel) and much to his dismay that a wear, played by Arbaaz Khan, had his own arrangements encompassing the young lady and the canine. What follows is a satire of mistakes and that shapes the remainder of the story. The film offers a couple of snapshots of value parody, all gratitude to the character of Snigdha, who assumes the job of
Janaki's companion. For example, a scene where she endeavors to thwart the plans of Kittu, who is continually attempting to awe Janaki and win her heart. Her comic planning and clever punchlines offer the film a portion of its best groupings. The stupendous introduction scene of Arbaaz's character, including some substantial exchanges, violence additionally leaves an
imprint in the group of onlookers minds. Notwithstanding, anything great about the motion picture finishes there. To begin off, it makes the watchers yawn when they understand that once more, the film's saint is good to go to give an anticipated show. Be it amid the quest for his woman love, the wonderful way he safeguards her when grabbed, his road sagacity that we
have found in the majority of the past films there's just the same old thing new that Raj Tarun brings to the table in KUJ. In the mean time, his driving woman Anu Emmanuel gets her very a lot of unremarkable presentation. The cruel acting by the artiste makes the sentimental arrangements look phony and bland. The pre-interim curve in the plot woke the crowd up from
sleep and kept them drew in for the initial 20 minutes post interim. Post that, the plot again bombed with unsurprising jokes and storyline. The second half becomes animated when Hamsa Nandini sizzles the screen with her 'Naa Peru Singapore Sirimalli,' however the effect doesn't keep going long. For the fanatics of Raj Tarun, the film may offer a couple of snapshots
of end of the week fun however the remainder of the gathering of people wouldn't lose much in the event that they give this a miss.

Release Date:  30 March 2012 (India)

Director:  Jaya B

Genres: Action,Romance,Comedy

Language: hindi dubbed

Movie Quality: 720p HDRip

Movie Size: 1GB

Film Star: Aadi, Shanvi Srivastava, Rajendra Prasad

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