Albela Hindi Movie 2001 Download

Albela Hindi Movie 2001 Download

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Release Date: 20 April 2001 (India)
Director: Deepak Sareen
Genres: Romance,Drama
Language: hindi
Movie Quality: All Quality
Movie Size: All Sizes
Film Star:  Govinda, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Jackie Shroff

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Tony (Govinda) is an accommodating and prevalent visit manage. One day a psychic discloses to him that a blue-peered toward princess from abroad will enter his life and change it for eternity. She is the fantasy young lady that he has been looking for. In transit from Austria to a planned occasion in Singapore, Sonia (Aishwarya Rai) and her caretaker (Maya Alagh) stop off in Mumbai. At the point when their corresponding flight is deferred, Sonia chooses rather to head out to Malaga (which is inferred to be close Goa), the origin of her mom, who kicked the bucket when Sonia was extremely youthful. Sonia has been raised by her dad (the Austrian Ambassador) (Saeed Jaffrey) since her mom strangely surrendered the family to come back to Malaga. In spite of the fact that Sonia realizes her dad will be exceptionally furious with her – he abhors India and Indians because of his better half abandoning him – Sonia needs to see her mom's grave out of the blue. She persuades her dad to give her stay access Malaga for a couple of days to satisfy her desire. Upon entry in Malaga, Sonia meets Tony and contracts him to demonstrate her the territory and to help her discover her mom's grave. As Sonia and Tony see the sights of Goa and discover her mom's grave, Tony starts to experience passionate feelings for Sonia and it shows up Sonia is partial to him. Unbeknownst to Tony, his beloved companion, Neena (Namrata Shirodkar) is enamored with him and she doesn't warmly embrace him investing all his energy with Sonia. One day when Sonia is going with Tony, she sees a man out there. Flashbacks demonstrate that the man is Prem Arya (Jackie Shroff), an Indian writer who Sonia met in Austria when he was talking with her dad. Prem and Sonia progressed toward becoming companions, began to look all starry eyed at and would have liked to wed. At the point when Sonia's dad discovered, he restricted them to wed in light of the fact that Prem is Indian, and despite the fact that they are profoundly enamored, they consent to isolate. Coming back to the present, Sonia is stunned to discover Prem is in Malaga. When she sees that Prem has composed an article about Tony and that they are great companions, she asks Tony to arrange a lunch on the affectation of gathering the writer of the article. Prem consents to the gathering and is frightened to see Sonia. At the point when Tony goes to arrange lunch, Sonia uncovers to Prem that she is still enamored with him and is grieved about abandoning him to keep her dad upbeat. Prem reveals to her that there is no reason for having these sentiments as there is nothing both of them can do about it and, defeated by feeling, he leaves. At the point when Tony comes back from requesting lunch, Sonia says she needs to leave as well, bringing about an exceptionally befuddled Tony. The following day, Sonia calls Prem and concedes regardless he cherishes her and has not had the option to quit considering her. They start to get to know one another and subsequent to coming back from one trip with Prem, Sonia admits to her caretaker that despite everything she is frantically infatuated with Prem and that he is a superb and kind individual. Tony catches this and trusts Sonia is alluding to her affections for him. On another event, Tony and Neena join Prem and Sonia on their trip. It is evident to both Prem and Sonia that Neena cherishes Tony, so Sonia endeavors to disclose to Tony that Neena adores him. Tony botches her remarks and, in mix with what he has effectively overhead, trusts that Sonia is attempting to disclose to him that she cherishes him. As Sonia and Prem get to know one another, Sonia understands that her actual satisfaction lies in being with Prem. Sadly, Sonia's dad goes to Malaga to astonish her and finds that Sonia has been seeing Prem once more. He trusts that she deliberately made a trip to Malaga to see Prem and does not trust that it was an occurrence. He denies Prem to see Sonia and requests, Sonia, to pack, meaning to return her to Austria straight away. Sonia discloses to Tony that she will return Austria and he is crushed. Sonia welcomes Tony to join her in Austria and Tony enthusiastically acknowledges. Neena is amazingly vexed, however Tony thinks this is on the grounds that he is disregarding her in Malaga – he guarantees her that he will get a new line of work for her once he is settled in Austria and proceeds with cheerfully pressing in anticipation of his adventure. Sonia makes one final excursion to the graveyard and is met by a minister, who reveals to her the genuine purpose behind her mom's arrival to Malaga. When she gets to the air terminal, she is met by Tony, who reveals to her that he can't go with her to Austria any longer. He has found a message left for him by Neena, uncovering her sentiments and wishing him bliss in his new life. He reveals to Sonia that he realizes she cherishes him and in spite of the fact that he adores her consequently, he understands that Neena depends on him and won't adapt in the event that he leaves. Accomplishing his fantasy of being with Sonia will be to the detriment of Neena, and he isn't set up to do this. Sonia attempts to reveal to Tony that she doesn't love him, however he leaves rapidly, not needing a pitiful goodbye. Sonia's dad makes harsh remarks about Indians and about Tony not going along with them, yet Sonia protects Tony and reveals to her dad of his penance. In the wake of seeing this penance, Sonia understands that she can't surrender Prem just to keep her dad upbeat and implores him to give them a chance to wed. Her dad still can't and makes further defamatory remarks about Indians and her mom, and this is when Sonia uncovers reality – that her mom was determined to have an infectious sickness, so made the penance to leave both of them and kick the bucket alone in India, with the goal that they would not become ill. She gives her dad letters composed by her mom (however never sent) and he is sorry to Sonia and advises her to go to Prem. Tony and Neena are cheerfully sitting in a café when Tony sees Sonia at another table with Prem. Tony trusts Sonia has not left Malaga since she needs to be close to him (Tony). Tony remarks that despite the fact that she looks very pale and dismal, Sonia will inevitably get over her affections for him. At Sonia and Prem's table, Sonia recommends to Prem that they ought to express gratitude toward Tony on the grounds that it was he who united them, and she likewise needs to illuminate with Tony that she never had affections for him. Prem stops her and exhorts that a few dreams are beautiful to the point that they ought not be broken – that it is better for Tony to trust that he surrendered a princess for a conventional young lady.

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