Escape Room Movie 2019

Escape Room Movie 2019

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Release Date: 4 January 2019 (USA)
Director:  Adam Robitel
Language: hindi
Movie Quality: 720p HDRip
Movie Size: 1GB
Film Star:  Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, Jay Ellis

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In Chicago, Illinois, material science understudy Zoey, stockboy Ben, informal investor Jason, war veteran Amanda, trucker Mike, and break room lover Danny get solicitations to the Minos Escape Room Facility for an opportunity to win $10,000. As everybody arrives they accumulate in the office's sitting area and discover they are bolted inside, along these lines starting the amusement. Hunting down intimations, Zoey incidentally actuates warming devices; as the warmth increases, Zoey figures out how to open a vent by pushing down beverage napkins. As the players clear their path through, Amanda has a flashback of slithering through the fallout of an IED assault in Iraq. Everybody escapes just before the room is immersed on fire. They end up in a winter lodge, with the entryway bolted by a seven-letter blend with the clue being "You'll Go Down ever". The room's pieces of information trigger Ben to have a flashback of driving tanked with companions, singing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" before slamming the vehicle. He proposes "Rudolph," which opens the entryway, and the gathering escapes into a room taking after a solidified lake. They discover the bolted exit and a solitary red coat, and utilize an angling rod post and magnet to recover a key encased in an ice square. Danny falls through the ice and suffocates, and the rest of the players are compelled to liquefy the ice obstruct with their body warmth to free the key. Jason has a flashback of solidifying next to somebody in a red coat; the players open the exit as the ice detonates and falls. The five players enter a topsy turvy billiards bar, and the tune "Downtown" starts to play on rehash. In a variant of a game of seat juggling, at whatever point the tune stops, a segment of floor falls away, uncovering a long lift shaft. They discover a bolted safe, and distinguish a missing 8 ball as the way to the room. Zoey has a flashback of the repercussions of a plane accident, and understands the riddle's pieces of information are topsy turvy. Amanda recovers the eight ball from the safe, yet unintentionally drops it. Yielding herself, she tosses the ball to Jason before diving to her demise. The four residual players enter an emergency clinic ward with six beds, and find every one of the players were sole survivors: Zoey endure a plane accident; Jason, a pontoon mishap with his flat mate; Ben, a fender bender; Mike, a mining collapse; Danny, carbon monoxide harming; and Amanda, an IED impact. They understand the whole diversion has been founded on the horrible accidents they all survived. They at that point find that the EKG machine will open the way to the following room. Jason unintentionally executes Mike with a defibrillator to open the entryway. As the room loads up with gas, Jason connects himself to the EKG and gives the gas a chance to bring down his pulse, opening a way. Jason and Ben escape, however Zoey will not proceed and crumples from the gas. Zoey effectively wrecks the majority of the cameras to help her at last. Going into a room shrouded in optical fantasies and strobe lights, Ben stands up to Jason over his childish dismissal for the others, and Jason uncovers that he endure the sailing mishap by murdering his flat mate for his jacket because of survival of the fittest. They find and open a bring forth in the floor however are medicated with a drug, and battle against the impacts as the room turns. Ben finds the counteractant and, in a battle for the single portion, breaks his leg and murders Jason. Ben infuses himself and falls through the bring forth into a detailed investigation room. As the dividers close in, he unravels the riddle and barely abstains from being pounded. Back in the clinic room, equipped Minos representatives go into the emergency clinic room in hazardous materials apparatus to obliterate proof. Zoey, having made due, because of the breathing apparatus she covertly utilized, cripples them, catches a weapon and breaks the room into a support region. Ben is then met by the Game Master, who has controlled the diversion as planned by the Puzzle Maker. He clarifies the genuine idea of the challenge: players – school competitors, intellectuals, solitary survivors, big names, and so on – are attracted and united by a mutual encounter, and rich watchers wager on who makes it out alive. The Game Master at that point attempts to execute Ben to prevent the amusement's insider facts from being uncovered to the general population, yet Zoey arrives. She and Ben figure out how to murder the Game Master and leave. As Ben recoups, Zoey endeavors to disclose occasions to the police, however all proof at the office has vanished. A half year later, Zoey demonstrates Ben that the passings of different players have been arranged as regular mishaps, and he consents to join her on a trip to New York City to stop the Minos organization. Be that as it may, Minos and the strange Puzzle Maker are as of now planning to make their flight another destructive amusement.

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