Raaz: The Mystery Continues Hindi Movie Download 2009

Raaz: The Mystery Continues Hindi Movie Download 2009

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Release Date:  23 January 2009
Director:  Mohit Suri
Genres: Horror,Romance
Language: hindi
Movie Quality: 480p
Movie Size: 400mb
Film Star:  Kangana Ranaut, Adhyayan Suman, Emraan Hashmi

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The story begins with an American visiting the Kalindi Temple around evening time. There he sees the cleric of the sanctuary in a terrible state – he had cut his body with a grass shearer and had composed 'Om' on his body. The man, frightened by what he is seeing, escapes from that point. The story at that point movements to a model in her mid 20s, Nandita (Kangana Ranaut) who is infatuated with Yash, (Adhyayan Suman) an executive and host of the unscripted TV drama "Andhvishwas" a show managing different superstitions of Tanuja Twins phantoms reflect and tantric voodoos. Yash blessings Nandita a condo where they begin living and they adore one another, meanwhile Nandita gets pregnant. One night, Nandita twin body experiences Prithvi (Emraan Hashmi), a hopeful craftsman who is looking for his artful culmination. Prithvi reveals to Nandita that he made a sketch 4 months prior of a young lady, who is really Nandita or Tanuja He additionally demonstrates her a work of art where she is lying with her wrist cut. He cautions her of a peril. In any case, Nandita incidentally cuts her wrist because of an obscure spooky assault on her in the restroom. Prithvi spares her and concedes her to a clinic. Yash touches base to the emergency clinic and comes to think about her pregnancy and furthermore her premature delivery because of intemperate dying. She gripes to Yash about Prithvi, and Yash gets him captured, however he is discharged later on. In the interim, at Kalindi, a similar American, David Cooper (J. Brandon Hill), who is the Kalindi compound plant proprietor, ends it all by draping himself in the wake of composing on the mass of his batroom, "Tum ashudh ho, andar sey sadh chuke ho" (You are tainted, you are spoiled from inside), with his blood. The auditor examining the suicide is seriously influenced by it. Back at his home, Prithvi makes another image of Nandita getting mobbed. He rushes to a style show where Nandita is performing, and witnesses her being had and assaulting an otherworldly master going to the show. She at that point says similar lines, "Tum ashudh Ho, andar sey sadh chuke ho", to the master. Prithvi hurries to her salvage, yet is counteracted by the watchmen. Nandita is detracted from the master and gathering of people. The master later shows up on TV, guaranteeing she had been controlled. Coming to think about everything, Yash has her openly apologize to everybody, and announces that she has mental issues. After the gatekeepers discharge Prithvi, Nandita is had again in her washroom, with same lines showing up in the mirror. She goes to Prithvi for assistance, yet he declines her, demonstrating her another artistic creation in which she is hanging herself and similar lines appear to show up behind her. He likewise demonstrates her some news clippings about the demise of the minister and David Cooper, with similar lines composed behind them. Nandita says thanks to him and leaves to go to a gathering with Yash. There she is had and assaulted once more, and begins dying. In the interim, Prithvi sets himself up to assistance Nandita by consuming the inauspicious painting of Nandita, which symbolizes that he will secure her. He spots Nandita running from the gathering, clearly dying, and pursues her. He at last makes up for lost time to her in a ghetto, where he sees her composition indistinguishable lines from before with her blood. He endeavors to stop her, however understands that she is controlled. She at that point attempts to end it all yet he keeps her from doing as such. Yash touches base to discover Nandita in Prithvi's arms. Yash consents to help Nandita on the condition she leaves Prithvi, yet she rejects his assistance and chooses to remain with Prithvi and visit Kalindi to discover reality. Prithvi and Nandita go through the night in a visitor house, where Nandita is had indeed. The soul drives her to a woods where she is more than once assaulted by paranormal creatures. She gets dreams of individuals dangling from trees. She at that point detects a well and someone remaining close it, and goes towards them. Similarly as she is going to bounce, Prithvi gets her. It is uncovered that the 'well' was really the precarious edge of a bluff. They touch base at Kalindi and meet the minister's better half (who is living as a whore) who reveals to them that it was her significant other who was underhanded and his passing was not astounding, considering the wrongdoings he had submitted against blameless individuals for the sake of religion. They choose to go to the police assessors' home (a similar one who examined David Coopers' suicide), where they discover him totally insane and are unfit to keep him from ending it all. Nandita and Prithvi before long proceed with their voyage by jeep. One night while voyaging, they are assaulted by creatures. Nandita gets away from the jeep and heads towards the trees, where she finds a similar well. This time, before Prithvi can spare her, she bounces into it. Prithvi pursues her. Inside the well, Nandita comes to realize that it was Prithvi's dad, Veer Pratap Singh (Jackie Shroff), who was having her. It so happened that he found that the Kalindi substance plant dumps its poisons into a lake where thousands assembled once every year to wash in a hallowed custom. He stops a grievance against David Cooper yet is cautioned by the policeman and the cleric against making any move, or his life will be in risk. He simply answers, "Tum ashudh Ho, andar sey sadh chuke ho". Veer Pratap attempts to come clean to everybody, except is murdered by the goons of the cleric and his body is dumped in a similar well. His soul returns for his vengeance. He slaughters David Cooper, and the policeman and minister who agreed with David. Prithvi at last learns reality, yet is as yet confounded regarding why Nandita was utilized for this. They come to realize that it was Yash who had all the evidence of Veer Singh's demise, yet he had sold those verifications to David as a byproduct of sponsorship of his show. Nandita attempts to escape with the evidence however is just about shot by Yash, when Prithvi spares her. Tragically for both, Prithvi is cut by Yash. At last in any case, the soul of Veer assaults and executes Yash. Before proceeding onward, Veer recuperates Prithvi's injuries after which Nandita and Prithvi are brought together.

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