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Short story: In the year 1920 at Palampur, India, a planner lands at a substantial home. The director of the house, MK, talks about how its proprietor wishes to have it torn down with a lodging developed in its place. Soon thereafter, the engineer is murdered by a baffling power. It turns out the main draftsman who had preceded him was likewise killed along these lines some time
back. Presently the third planner who is gotten, Arjun Singh, is a religious, genuine fan of master Hanumaan and committed to his family; yet he is additionally enamored with Lisa. This meets solid dissatisfaction from his family in light of the fact that Lisa (conceived of a British dad and an Indian mother) is of blended confidence. Arjun chooses to wed Lisa in
any case. As he goes to Mumbai, his dad and his siblings block his vehicle, beat him up, and attempt to consume Lisa alive. Arjun battles back and chooses to deny his confidence and his family for Lisa. He at last turns into a skeptic. The venture of the lodge is given to Arjun's firm, and Arjun and Lisa touch base at the house before long. Arjun is uninformed of
the bizarre things occurring, for example, objects moving without anyone else's input, however Lisa faculties a pernicious nearness. She questions Balwant, the overseer, however he pretends numbness. Balwant secretly begs MK to diminish Arjun and Lisa of the undertaking for it will guarantee their lives similarly as it murdered the others before them. The manor does
not wish to be obliterated, and that is the reason it responds to any individual who needs to tear it down, including MK. Balwant himself is safe since he is just following up on requests and does not convey a purpose to annihilate the house. MK knows about the underhanded nearness however hushes Balwant with a pay off. Arjun leaves for Delhi on a work excursion,
disregarding Lisa in the house. She encounters more grounded extraordinary occasions, and trusts in a neighborhood church minister, Father Thomas. The minister touches base at the manor and quickly faculties a solid insidiousness nearness. Later that night, in his congregation rooms, he awakens to discover a Baphomet attracted blood on a divider. He counsels with the
head cleric and they rapidly infer that an insidious soul lives in the manor and is explicitly focusing on Lisa. The cleric comes back to issue a stern cautioning for Lisa. Lisa is away, and Balwant takes the message, yet does not make reference to it to Lisa. Arjun returns as Lisa turns out to be sick, declines sustenance and water and takes to bed. Arjun detects
her eating a dead creature that night, yet is unfit to comprehend it. The minister endeavors to put a cross on Lisa, who turns vicious and assaults the cleric. Arjun connects with a specialist however it ends up being vain as Lisa's shrewd upheavals and supernatural assaults essentially overpower the medical clinic staff. Presently persuaded of an otherworldly
nearness, Arjun storms into MK's office and requests reality. MK uncovers the name of the past proprietor of the manor, Radhama, and Arjun visits her in Nawanagar. Radhama uncovers that it began in 1857, amid the Revolt of 1857, when she was a worker at the chateau. The proprietor had gone to battle the British and she was disregarded in the substantial chateau with
her mom and the proprietor's little girl, Gayatri. An injured rebel, Mohan Kant, looked for spread at the house however ended up being a government operative for the British powers. He executed Radhama's mom which was later found by her. Gayatri sent Radhama with a letter to where her dad was. Gayatri, tempted Mohan Kant to purchase time until her dad who was
additionally an opportunity warrior arrived. Her dad and his men hanged him. He passed on looking at Gayatri without flinching and vowing retribution. His spirit has stayed in the house from that point forward. Gayatri passed on 18 November 1896, and Lisa was brought into the world that day. At the chateau, the spirit of the treasonous warrior has now totally had
Lisa's body. The minister chooses to play out an expulsion. The ceremonial starts well, however the shrewd soul is unreasonably ground-breaking for the unpracticed cleric, and the minister and Balwant are both executed. The shrewd soul incites Lisa to cut her wrists. in order to kick the bucket, and discharge her spirit from her body so he can convey her spirit with
him to damnation. Unfit to physically control Lisa, Arjun is compelled to reconsider his lost confidence. Lisa, enabled by the malicious soul, beats Arjun gravely and genuinely torments him. Before long Arjun feels that no one but God can spare Lisa. Arjun limps toward Lisa, grasps her energetically and starts discussing the Hanuman Chalisa, tormenting the insidious
soul. He attempts to run however Arjun holds Lisa's body firmly. After some time, the soul is in agony from the words and is at long last removed from Lisa's body and pulverized. At last, Arjun and Lisa grasp each other joyfully and Gayatri's picture is expelled and sent far from the manor. Arjun is demonstrated saying that the three, Arjun, Gayatri and Lisa, have
finished their assignment which god gave them.

Release Date:  12 September 2008 (India)

Director: Vikram Bhatt

Genres: Horror,Romance

Language: hindi

Movie Quality: All Quality

Movie Size: All Sizes

Film Star:  Rajniesh Duggall, Adah Sharma, Anjori Alagh

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