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Short story: Krish Malhotra (Arjun Kapoor), a crisp Engineer from IIT Delhi, presently an understudy seeking after his MBA at the IIM Ahmedabad, Gujarat, originates from a harried, rich group of Punjabi legacy. He meets his cohort Ananya Swaminathan (Alia Bhatt), financial matters topper in her school, who originates from a preservationist Tamil Brahmin family. Krish and Ananya,
at first fight, yet before long progressed toward becoming companions and begin concentrating together. Before long they start dating, and remain together for their next 22 months on the IIM grounds. Krish trusts in Ananya that his genuine enthusiasm is composing, which he needs to seek after a profession in. The two of them have turned out to be near one another and
fall for one another amid the stay in IIM. Krish gets chose in the grounds drives for Yes Bank. He quickly races to the following room and proposes to Ananya, amidst her meeting. She acknowledges and after that gets chose for Sunsilk. When they complete their graduation, Krish and Ananya choose to get hitched. They acquaint their folks with one another at the
assembly function. Sadly, Krish's noisy Punjabi mother Kavita (Amrita Singh) does not coexist with Ananya's saved Tamil guardians Radha (Revathy), and her significant other. (Shiv Kumar Subramaniam). After graduation, Ananya starts her showcasing work in the place where she grew up Chennai and Krish returns to his the place where own grew up Delhi, with the decision
of work environment in his very own hands. Krish's reckless family encourages him to remain in Delhi and endeavor to dishearten him from his enthusiasm for composing. They additionally scrutinize his association with Ananya, and guide him to get into an organized marriage with a Punjabi young lady. It is likewise obvious that there is strain among Krish and his rich
alcoholic dad Vikram (Ronit Roy). Krish leaves his useless family and begins his financial activity in Chennai. Amid this time, he makes a decent attempt to prevail upon Ananya's family. He at first steps on the limit of their home passageway unconsciously and destroyed the rangoli, being uninformed of Tamil Hindu religious works on, making Ananya's dad upset. He
coaches her more youthful sibling for IIT placement tests, gets her mom a chance to sing at an occasion for his work environment and encourages her dad make his first PowerPoint introduction. After the entirety of his exertion, Ananya's family consents to the marriage with Krish, when Krish emblematically proposes to every individual from the family. Krish and Ananya
then travel to Delhi to prevail upon Krish's family. At first, Kavita and her family are unfriendly towards Ananya however come to like her after she spares Krish's cousin's wedding from being dropped because of a disagreement about exorbitant share, she is additionally acknowledged. Krish and Ananya choose to get away to Mumbai with their families before the
wedding. The excursion does not go as arranged when Kavita makes ceaseless rude comments about Tamilian culture. Moreover, Ananya and her folks catch Krish erroneously guaranteeing his mom that she can treat Ananya anyway she needs after they are hitched. Having had enough of the abuse, Ananya says a final farewell to Krish and both come back to their individual main
residences. Krish and Ananya think that its difficult to live without one another. At some point later, he gets a call from Ananya, who uncovers that Krish's dad had furtively come down to Chennai to address her folks, saying 'sorry' for his better half's shallow conduct, with an end goal to change his identity. This takes into consideration Krish and Ananya to at
last get joyfully wedded, with Krish and his Punjabi family making a trip via train to Chennai for the wedding. The dad at first said that he won't go to the wedding to forestall any further maltreatment, however at last he flies down to Chennai with Krish seeing his rental vehicle outside of the inn and to the amazement of his mom, reporting that his dad has gone to
the wedding amid a contention with the clerics because of the nonappearance of the dad. They become guardians to twin young men and Krish leaves from banking and, distributes his book 2 States dependent on his and Ananya's life.

Release Date: 18 April 2014

Director: Abhishek Varman

Genres: Romance,Comedy,Drama

Language: hindi

Movie Quality: 720p HDRip

Movie Size: 900mb

Film Star:  Arjun Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Amrita Singh

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