All the Best: Fun Begins Hindi Movie Download 2009

Short story: Veer Kapoor (Fardeen Khan) is a battling craftsman who plans to become showbiz royalty some time or another with his stone gathering yet at present is tottering monetarily. His solitary wellspring of salary is a month to month stash cash of Rs 100,000 from his affluent senior advance sibling Dharam Kapoor (Sanjay Dutt), for which Veer has lied about him being hitched
to Vidya (Mugdha Godse), his sweetheart. His closest companion is Prem Chopra (Ajay Devgn), who is hitched to Jhanvi (Bipasha Basu). Jhanvi runs a stalled recreation center claimed by Prem's family and Prem invests his energy precisely altering autos. Veer and Prem need Rs. 500,000 to enlist Prem's vehicle for an illicit race (on the off chance that they win they
will get Rs. 5,000,000). They get the cash from a neighborhood quiet credit shark Tobu (Johnny Lever) subsequent to demonstrating to him a vehicle structured by Prem which, Prem guarantees him, can't lose. Awed by this vehicle, Tobu notwithstanding loaning Prem and Veer 500,000, contributes 500,000 of his own on Prem. Prem loses the race and winds up owing an entirety
of Rs. 1,000,000 to Tobu which ought to be paid inside seven days. Prem chooses to lease Veer's lodge to a neighborhood ghetto occupant RGV; Raghuvandas Goverdhandas Vakawale(Sanjay Mishra), who has won a lottery, and gathers a development of Rs 250,000. Anyway everything gets into a jumble when Dharam is stranded in the Goa Airport on his approach to Lushoto and
demands getting up to speed with his more youthful brother.Things deteriorate when their new occupant arrives and is beaten by Dharam.In request to spare the situation,Prem and Veer both falsehood that Raghu is frantic and the other way around. Vidya had a battle with Veer and is incidentally not conversing with him. After Veer brings Dharam home from the air
terminal, Dharam sees Jhanvi and takes her for Vidya, and later when he sees Vidya, Prem and Veer disclose to him she is Jhanvi, Prem's better half. Jhanvi claims to be Vidya, Veer's significant other and Vidya professes to be Jhanvi. Things get into a more profound obfuscate with standard visits from the new inhabitant RGV, Tobu and his hooligans lastly by a princess
(Bipasha Basu) of Lushoto. Veer Kapoor lives in a palatial lodge in Goa alongside his sweetheart, Vidya, and a servant, Mary. Consistently he gets a remittance of Rs. 1 Lakh from his NRI sibling, Dharam, which he uses to support his band, just as the run down Gym of his companions, Prem and Jhanvi Chopra. Veer's life experiences numerous funny changes after he
chooses to acquire cash from a hoodlum called Tobu so as to wager on his companion, Prem, partaking in a vehicle race. After Tobu applies weight, Veer frantically leases the cabin to a Zee Super Lottery Winner, Raghuvandas Goverdhandas Vakawale - yet significantly more confusion and complexities emerge with the startling entry of Dharam.

Release Date:  16 October 2009 (India)

Director: Rohit Shetty

Genres: Action,Comedy,Drama

Language: hindi

Movie Quality: All Quality

Movie Size: All Sizes

Film Star:  Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgn, Fardeen Khan

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