Aurangzeb Hindi Movie Download 2013

Aurangzeb Hindi Movie Download 2013

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Release Date:  17 May 2013
Director:  Atul Sabharwal
Genres: Action,Thriller,Drama
Language: hindi
Movie Quality: 720p HDRip
Movie Size: 1GB
Film Star:  Arjun Kapoor, Sasha Aagha, Prithviraj Sukumaran

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The story is set in the town of Gurgaon, a modern city close NCT Delhi. The film is exhibited from the perspective on ACP Arya Phogat (Prithviraj Sukumaran). ACP Arya, a cop, has been raised by his uncle, DCP Ravikant Phogat (Rishi Kapoor). His dad, police investigator Vijaykant Phogat (Anupam Kher), had lost enthusiasm forever years back, subsequent to wrecking a task to murder Yashvardhan Singh (Jackie Shroff), because of absence of proof against him. Yashvardhan's significant other, Veera (Tanvi Azmi), had turned into a police witness against her very own better half and needed to flee from him with one of her twin kids Vishal (Arjun Kapoor) while Ajay is left with Yashvardhan. Vijaykant conceals Vishal and Veera – whom he has started to cherish – and passes it off as a bungled experience for which he assumes the whole fault. Suspended from the police power, Vijaykant has an intense time throughout the years, got between the adoration for his genuine family and child ACP Arya, and his received spouse and child. A long time later, just before he bites the dust, he uncovers to Arya that he has another spouse and child yet doesn't uncover their genuine character. Vijaykant passes on couple of days after the fact and Arya goes to meet Veera. There he is stunned to see Vishal, who is the precise copy (clone) of Ajay (Arjun Kapoor) and there is an uncover that both carbon copies are really twins. Ravikant, who is deeply degenerate, incubates a plot to uncover the crimes of Yashvardhan, a mission left inadequate by his sibling Vijaykant. He unites with nephew Arya and persuades Vishal to go into Yashvardhan's home, acting like Ajay. To encourage matters, Ajay is hijacked by Ravikant and Arya and held hostage by them, preparing for Vishal to have his spot and break data about Yashvardhan's unlawful exercises to the police. Vishal needs to act like Ajay not simply before his own dad, Yashvardhan, yet additionally before Neena Wadhwa (Amrita Singh), Yashvardhan's lover and colleague. Vishal likewise has to fake an illicit relationship with his twin sibling's better half, Ritu (Sashaa Agha). As days pass, Vishal experiences passionate feelings for Ritu. Vishal continues spilling data about his father to Ravikant and Arya, who push ahead in their report with the assistance of the implicating proof. Then again, Ravikant and Arya join Ajay with mother Veera and furthermore endeavor to indoctrinate him (Ajay) into letting the cat out of the bag about his dad's unlawful organizations before them. After some time, Vishal builds up a delicate corner for his dad and argues for his security from police. He additionally wins the certainty of his dad, who is ignorant that Vishal has supplanted Ajay in the house. Cataclysm happens to Yashvardhan in light of activity started by Ravikant, and he must be hospitalized. Vishal controls things so that Neena needs to leave from Yashvardhan Singh's organization. Indeed, even as the strain among Arya and cultivate siblings Ajay and Vishal won't be diffused, the errand before Ravikant and Arya turns out to be exceptionally troublesome. To make matters increasingly hard for Ravikant, his child in-law, Vishnu (Sumeet Vyas), lays his hands on proof against Ravikant's similarly degenerate cop child, Inspector Dev (Sikandar Kher). Since Vishnu is the main genuine cop in the family, he takes steps to uncover brother by marriage Dev and so as to anticipate this Ravikant murders Vishnu. Ravikant likewise plans to assume control over Yashvardhan's domain with assistance from Neena. Ravikant orders Arya to murder Veera and Ajay. Arya, frustrated by Ravikant's brutal frame of mind, at long last comprehends the decision his dad Vijaykant made before to ensure Vishal and his mom. In the interim, Vishal is required a gathering by Neena and her new accomplice, Bilal. Ravikant needs Vishal to utilize the gathering to give him more data about Yashvardhan. Ravikant plans things so that Yashvardhan would be slaughtered once the gathering among Vishal and Neena is finished. Arya understands that Ravikant needs to kill Yashvardhan not as a lot to finish sibling Vijaykant's main goal as to assume control over Yashvardhan's business realm. Likewise, Vishal has vengeance composed all over him in light of the fact that Neena's child, Inder (Kavi Shastri), had slaughtered Ritu. Here, Ajay at long last yields and consents to help Arya however he additionally needs his father, Yashvardhan's wellbeing. Arya asks Ajay to go to the gathering instead of Vishal. Ajay murders Inder and when Inder's group attempts to slaughter Ajay, Arya's police group experiences all. In the interim, Arya has sent Vishal to the Hospital to spare Yashvardhan. He likewise masterminds his Police power to attack the Hospital. Anyway Dev sends back the group. He later corners Vishal and Yashvardhan in the Hospital Store Room. Exactly when Dev was going to murder them, Ajay shows up and shoots him. Ajay and Yashvardhan persuades Vishal to get away. Exactly when Vishal escapes Dev shoots and executes Yashvardhan. In countering Ajay murders Dev. At the point when Dev's group was going to slaughter Ajay, Arya's police power salvages him by capturing Ajay. Arya helps Vishal and Veera escape. Ravikant meets Arya and Arya advises that he has the chronicles of Neena's gathering which will uncover Ravikant. Ravikant shoots Arya and exactly when he was going to murder him Vishal returns and slaughters Ravikant. Arya, despite the fact that harmed, rides back to his pregnant spouse Suman (Swara Bhaskar). Vishal and Veera return to their prior life while Ajay is imprisoned. The film at that point pushes one year ahead where we are demonstrated that Ajay has re-joined with Vishal and Veera once he is discharged from prison. We additionally hear a voiceover of Arya saying "This arrangement of accumulation has been set up for quite a long time. The cash from this framework goes as far as possible up to the seniors and pastors. The nexus won't reach an end with simply my Uncle's demise. The DCP said that just two forces would endure - the legislators and the corporates. In any case, in the event that a policeman doesn't accept hush money from any of them, at that point he won't fear them either." In the last scene we see Arya leaving Veera's home once he ensures that Ajay is re-joined with his family.

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