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Short story: Shyam (Bobby Deol) is a little criminal who functions as a security protect at a historical center. He devises an arrangement with his three companions: Johnny (Rajpal Yadav), Titu (Ashish Vidyarthi) and Tony (Rajat Bedi) to take a specific Nizam jewel. The foursome effectively figures out how to take the precious stone just for Shyam to betray Titu and Tony. Johnny
and Shyam escape with the precious stone. Johnny escapes however Shyam is captured, before which he conceals the precious stone in an air conduit of a feeble structure. Shyam is condemned for a long time in jail. 2 years have passed and a naturally discharged Shyam heads towards the weather beaten structure which housed the precious stone, however a lot shockingly,
another police home office is worked instead of the frail structure. Shyam chooses to depict a phony police auditor Ram to enter the structure to take the precious stone. He pulls in the consideration of ACP Ranvir Singh (Paresh Rawal) for his chivalry and Inspector Pandey (Om Puri), an investigator who as often as possible presumes Ram of his actual personality. Slam
even figures out how to sentiment Inspector Ranjita (Bipasha Basu). Amidst this, Shyam attempts his best to find the precious stone yet is compelled to sanction as a cop to quell hoodlums, for example, Kalia Anthony (Razzak Khan) and his very own companion Johnny. Before Johnny is captured, Johnny calls Ram as Shyam which causes Pandey to wind up suspicious of
Inspector Ram. Smash later uncovers that Shyam is really his "twin" sibling who is a scalawag. Ranvir Singh makes it his business to change Shyam, so Shyam is compelled to adjust both Inspector Ram and Shyam (who is utilized as the driver of Ranvir) and he even figures out how to sentiment Ranvir's girl Kajal (Shilpa Shetty). Shyam's other companion Guru (Shekhar
Suman) is compelled to establish as Shyam/Ram's mom as Pandey continues suspecting Shyam/Ram while Ranvir appears to be negligent of what's going on. Then Titu and Tony come to know about Shyam's discharge and they come to realize that the precious stone is concealed some place inside the police home office. Acting like tea-young men, they undermine Shyam however
Shyam counters and assaults making them retreat. Shyam and his different friends devise an arrangement to persuade Ranvir that doppelgangers (twins) exist, so they allude Ranvir as Raghu, who is a needed medication runner. Kajal, notwithstanding, is the special case who discovers the genuine truth about Shyam/Ram. At that point Ranvir discovers and gets maddened.
Unconscious, Tito and Tony locate the genuine doppelganger of Ranvir, Raghu Swami (additionally Paresh Rawal). Furthermore, they take steps to make him present as Ranvir with the goal that it makes it simpler to take the precious stone. Shyam gets some answers concerning this and ruins Tito and Tony's arrangements. Shyam escapes with the precious stone and winds up in
a vehicle retailer shop with both Tito and Tony tailing him. A battle results, in any case, the cops touch base to capture Shyam, Tito, and Tony. Johnny at that point shows up and apparently shoots Shyam and thus Shyam shoots Johnny. Both apparently kick the bucket. Tito and Tony are captured while the ever-suspicious Pandey discovers that the weapon was phony, which
implied that Johnny and Shyam did not by any stretch of the imagination execute one another. At the airplane terminal, Pandey and Ranvir say goodbye to Kajal who is going to London. Pandey and Ranvir are then stood up to by three Sikhs, who are really Guru, Shyam and Johnny in mask (this additionally affirms Johnny and Shyam are as yet alive). Pandey by and by
presumes them to be Shyam and won't trust that twins exist, yet the tables turn when Pandey meets his own doppelganger, a Punjabi visitor, for a brief timeframe. The film closes with Shyam (masked as a Sikh) who blessings Kajal a precious stone ring which uncovers that Kajal would get hitched to Shyam in London.

Release Date: 23 August 2002 (India)

Director:  David Dhawan

Genres: Action,Crime,Comedy

Language: hindi

Movie Quality: All Quality

Movie Size: All Sizes

Film Star:  Bobby Deol, Om Puri, Paresh Rawal

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