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Short story: Nitin Bankar (Akshay Kumar) and Ram Mishra (Sunil Shetty) are fortunate in adoration, generally their life is a major zero like their bank balance. Nitin is stuck as a hireling and driver of Kuljeet Kaur (Archana Puran Singh), as per the states of an advance which his dad had taken to teach Nitin. Kuljeet is the proprietor of numerous shopping centers, eateries, and
different places in Singapore, where this entire story is based. Nitin is tired of Kuljeet's canine, Moolchand Ji, who dependably places Nitin into inconvenience. Smash works for a messenger administration in Singapore. He had initially gone there to work in Chinese movies, however he was not chosen. Anjali Kakkad (Katrina Kaif), is infatuated with Nitin and
Manpreet Oberoi (Sameera Reddy) is enamored with Ram. Both of their lady friends are rich, and they put a condition get cash or overlook us. Auditor Wilson Parera (Sharat Saxena) is on the trail of Harbans Chadda (Paresh Rawal) who has nine capture warrants because of check bobs. He is anxious to get his child, Nonny Chadda (Chunkey Pandey) wedded, with the goal
that he can get settlement of the wedding and pay of every one of his obligations. He settles Nonny's wedding with Anjali, after her dad, Kakkad (Tinu Anand), raises the theme. Later at a club, meets Mr. Oberoi (Manoj Joshi). In the wake of discovering that Oberoi is one of the most extravagant Indians in Singapore, he deceives Oberoi to fix Nonny's wedding with
Manpreet, which at last works out. As he didn't educate Kakkad, Kakkad gets extremely irate with Harbans. To counter Harbans, Kakkad fixes his little girl Anjali's wedding with another person. At a similar gambling club where Harbans met Oberoi, Moosa Heerapoorwala (Shakti Kapoor), chooses to get hitched to Anu Chopra (Neha Dhupia), an artist at that club. After his
brother by marriage discovers, he employs a Mafia Don, Maamu (Asrani), to slaughter Moosa. Maamu sends his best professional killer, Kaala Krishna Murali (Johnny Lever) to carry out the responsibility. To escape his significant other, Moosa books a room in Pan Pacific Hotel under the name zubair. To dispose all things considered and win some cash, Nitin and Ram
choose to grab Moolchand Ji, as that is the main thing 'living' that Kuljeet, the rich woman, cherishes. Be that as it may, things turn out badly after they achieved Pan Pacific Hotel, where they choose to remain, they understand that Moolchand Ji has evaded, making the police trust that its Nitin who has been captured. Things decline when Anjali flees from home and
achieves their room. At first, Kuljeet will not pay the payment to the ruffians, yet after the entirety of her clients choose to go on a strike, she consents to pay the payoff. As Nitin does not have any desire to return to Kuljeet, they think of an arrangement they choose to get a dead body from Maamu and toss it onto the railroad tracks, alongside his driving
permit, and after that spread the news that the ruffians have murdered Nitin. Harbans' and Oberoi's families come to Pan Pacific Hotel, where the wedding is going to happen. Harbans and Oberoi click a photograph to commend their families joining together. To give the development cash to Maamu, Nitin holds up at the passage of Pan Pacific, trusting that Maamu's man
will come and state the code 'I'm Maamu's man'. Be that as it may, Kakkad touches base at the inn, and pursues Nitin into Harbans' room. Nitin endeavors to cover up under the bed, yet there is the wrong spot for him. In the meantime, Harbans goes into his room and to escape Harbans, Nitin stows away inside the closet. Exhausted of his calls, Harbans tosses his
versatile into the closet and bolts it, causing Nitin to stall out in a closet. Paramjeet Singh Lamba's (Vikram Gokhale) room, who is the Indian Ambassador. Harbans botches Anu for Anjali, which causes extraordinary perplexity later. Moosa's photograph, gets traded with Oberoi's photograph, so Kaala attempts to slaughter Oberoi. Wilson achieves Harbans' room and
looks for Harbans, and opens the closet to discover Nitin, and errors him as Harbans. While trying to murder Oberoi, Kaala winds up falling onto Ram's and Nitin's truck, which they take to get the payment. While getting the payment, Nitin gets left behind, and is taken to the medical clinic, while Ram takes the cash and achieves the inn, and Kaala is thought to be the
ruffian, as he was over the truck. Furthermore, to top everything, Maamu lands at the lodging with a dead body that no one needs. At last, a bomb enters the water-tank of the lodging, which makes it burst and make the inn flood. Toward the end, Nitin, Anjali, Ram and Manpreet chose to get isolated since they couldn't discover the cash suitcase.While they were going to
leave,suddenly Nitin saw the bag and perceived that it was Kuljeet's bag which she gave for the ransom.Immediately Nitin calls Anjali,Ram, and Manpreet and discloses to them life isn't finished yet.

Release Date:  27 November 2009

Director:  Priyadarshan

Genres: Crime,Comedy

Language: hindi

Movie Quality: 720p HDRip

Movie Size: 1GB

Film Star:  Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty, Katrina Kaif

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