Dhamaal 2007 Hindi Movie Download

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Release Date:  7 September 2007 (India)
Director: Indra Kumar
Genres: Action,Adventure,Comedy
Language: hindi
Movie Quality: All Quality
Movie Size: All Sizes
Film Star:  Sanjay Dutt, Riteish Deshmukh, Arshad Warsi

Short story: Four bum companions - Roy (Ritesh Deshmukh), Adi (Arshad Warsi), Boman (Aashish Chaudhary), and Manav(Javed Jaffrey) - are kicked out of their home by their proprietor for not paying their rents. Urgent to win cash, they devise up an arrangement. Adi advises Manav to take an artistic creation from the house. They choose to pitch it to the child of the late Businessman Dwiwedi. In any case, Manav coincidentally gets a clear painting not knowing the truth. They hilariously offer the work of art for Rs.20,000 to Dwiwedi. They at that point get the first painting with the goal to pitch it to Mr. Aggarwal, not realizing that he has been killed. The case is taken care of by Inspector Kulkarni. He discovers that before Mr. Aggrawal was killed, he was talking on the telephone to someone and he referenced the words "pony" and "grass." He translates these words to be some code language. The four touch base at Agrawal's habitation. Kulkarni requests to see the canvas. Seeing the steed and grass on the canvas, he promptly captures them. On the expressway, Kulkarni drops the four out and about subsequent to understanding that they are honest. The four are excited until they all of a sudden observer an auto collision of Don Bose. He discloses to them that he has concealed a fortune of 10 crore in the St. Sebastian garden in Goa under a major 'W'. He instructs them to isolate the cash similarly among themselves and afterward kicks the bucket. They go over Inspector Kabir Nayak who has been endeavoring to capture Bose for as far back as ten years. He attempts to extricate data from the four yet futile, they escape from that point and choose to make a trip to Goa. Edgy for his advancement, Kabir is resolved to catch the four. Each of the four companions take Boman's vehicle which has a place with his dad Nari (Asrani), who adores his vehicle more than his child and tossed his child out after he harmed his vehicle. The companions figure out how to take their vehicle however not before hitting Nari on the head and making him oblivious. Roy loses control of the vehicle in a backwoods and hits it against a tree, breaking the two headlights. They choose to go through the night in the vehicle. The following day Kabir is exchanged to Yavatmal for neglecting to catch Bose. Enraged he strolls towards his table where Nari is sitting tight for him to document a grumbling against his child for taking his vehicle. He gives Kabir the photographs of Boman and his vehicle. In the interim, every one of the four go over a wrecked extension which is the main route through the backwoods. They choose to bounce the vehicle yet Boman is hesitant to do as such. They figure out how to bounce the vehicle on the opposite side yet it launches. Kabir tracks the four down in the wake of finding the crushed vehicle. He can gain proficiency with the area of the fortune because of Manav's ineptitude. He ties every one of them four to a tree and sets off. Anyway they figure out how to escape and it is uncovered that Roy had really cut the motor wires of Kabir's vehicle so he should have not gone excessively far. They come to a dhabha and profess to be criminologists. They influence the townspeople to trust that Kabir is an individual from the Pasha group and draws them to catch him for the reward would be Rs. 15 lakhs. Kabir massacres the townspeople and he and the four touch base at a settlement - 60% would have a place with the four and 40% would have a place with Kabir. In any case, Boman demands having his cash independently for harming his vehicle from the remainder of the three. Thusly, a battle follows and is chosen that whoever achieves the fortune initially would take all the cash. Each of the four go separate ways and attempt to achieve Goa at the earliest opportunity. Roy experiences a dacoit Babubhai (Sanjay Mishra) and consent to partition the cash among themselves gave they achieve Goa as quickly as time permits. Boman likewise experiences his dad. In spite of the fact that Nari at first needs to murder his child, alters his perspective after he finds out about the ten crores. Adi and Manav travel together. Kabir about departures demise as he hangs off a precipice and is protected by some younger students whose school transport he stole. Every one of them experience a progression of silly undertakings before achieving Goa. Every one of them with the exception of Kabir achieve the patio nursery in the meantime. At long last Roy clarifies that it is pointless finding the fortune alone and all consent to discover the cash together. They all scan for the enormous 'W'. Manav can find the Palm trees which make the state of a 'W' when a crow poops on Adi. In any case, Kabir touches base there and guides them to partition the cash against them to which all concur. They burrow there and can discover the cash. However, again a battle follows over the installment for the harm of the vehicle. All are incensed when Adi and Manav choose to pay the cash as one unit however are discrete units while taking cash. The battle continues amid which Kabir takes all the cash and runs. He attempts to escape in a tourist balloon on a shoreline yet thinks that its attached to a post. He makes a plunge a push to cut the rope yet is pounded by the rest who seek after him. The inflatable passes over shore and all are demoralized. Conditions alter when the breeze changes course and the inflatable again blows inland. They pursue the inflatable in a towing van. The inflatable conflicts against a post and the pack tumbles down. Every one of them endeavor to gather as a lot of cash as they can when all of a sudden some spot lights center around them and a group cheers uproariously behind them. They are really remaining in stage where a capacity is being held by an association named 'Help Orphans'. Seeing the cash everyone supposes they have come here to give cash. Every one of them get passionate and all choose to give the cash for the vagrants. The film finishes on a cheerful note passing on that the destiny of the cash was at that point chosen. It never had a place with the four companions. They were only a medium which helped the cash achieve its actual goal.

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