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Short story: The film revolves around a young lady, Dolly (Sonam Kapoor), who is a youthful scalawag. First she wedded Sonu Sherawat (Rajkummar Rao). She weds men from various religions and flees with their riches the evening of the wedding.[4][5] Her whole family comprises of cheats. In the wake of conning various rich men, she gets media consideration, who name her as "looteri
dulhan". A cop Robin Singh (Pulkit Samrat) chooses to get Dolly. When she attempts to con Delhi kid Manjot (Varun Sharma), she slips and her photos are sprinkled everywhere throughout the media. Whenever Dolly and her posse attempt to con a sovereign (Saif Ali Khan), they are captured by Robin Singh. At that point it is uncovered that Robin Singh and Dolly have a
past. She is put in the slammer yet she escapes with Robin's assistance and they get hitched. However, she abandons him as well and regroups with her old group individuals and goes looking for their next unfortunate casualty. Dolly (Sonam Kapoor) appears the ideal lady of the hour to go with the ideal family, perhaps excessively flawless as her clueless grooms from
a wide range of ethnic and religious foundations discover the most difficult way possible that she's a sequential scalawag who carries off their riches in the wake of wedding them. Its upto police monitor Robin (Pulkit Samrat) and two disappointed grooms Sonu (Rajkumar Rao) and Manjot (Varun Sharma) to get the gathering of criminals in the demonstration. Along these
lines, it's one-night wedlock, less the suhaag raat. Her man of the hour catching detachment comprise all things considered a dad who favors the married couple with his end-all strategy, a mother who helps take, a sibling (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub) who sets the snare and finds the correct catch. Furthermore, a daadi who sits through the majority of this like relentless
prop and says, " Beti de di toh sab kuch de diya." Haryanvi kid Raju (Rajkummar) is one of Dolly's numerous spouses. He's frantically enamored with her, and even revolutionaries against his overwhelming zamindar baap to wed her. All things considered, they rapidly get married, however on the wedding night Dolly's arrangements takes off. She serves medicated milk to
her hubby and in-laws, and keeping in mind that they are in profound rest, Dolly ki doli of 'con'sters go for the 'enormous' work. Obviously, she doesn't get under the sheets with her one-night hubby, and her reasons are as stupid as, "Aaj vrat rakha hai." She proceeds onward to the following lucky man, and the following. Each time they make a take and never get
captured. Strangely, there are no photos of Dolly's weddings, even her various spouses don't have a solitary picture the extravagant shaadi or anything before that. Have you ever known about an advanced cell, folks? Before long Dolly begins standing out as truly newsworthy; the media marks her, 'Looteri Dulhan.' Again, oddly there is no notice of her unruly
accomplices. After some idea, Dolly chooses to change her name each time she finds another catch. So the group concocts names like Juhi, Madhuri, Vidya dim okay! However, Dolly still appears to be identical thus does her con-pack just her wedding gathering changes. A significant disguise, must state! On the opposite side, arrogant cop Robin Singh (Pulkit Samrat) is
endeavoring to split this 'Looteri Dulhan' case. All things considered, at first he appears to be uninvolved at this runaway lady of the hour story, yet the moment he sees a sketch of her his eyes light up and he takes on the test with all his dabanggiri. It's a giveaway that there's a history here, a past. What's more, a reason. In the mean time, it's uncovered
that her phony brother is entirely love with her, and unfortunately, in this dulhan show the main job that accommodates his character is that of a sibling! Phew! Her next catch is Delhi kid Manjot (Varun Sharma), the high-on-hormones munda who's a finished mom's kid. All things considered, with an OTT mother (Archana Puran Singh) who needs the ideal Punjabi kudi for
her kid you can't fault the bechara. The story rehashes on the wedding night. The main turn is that her past hubby Raju strolls in and intrudes on the arrangement. He guarantees he's an uncle who had guaranteed to be there at the wedding so here he is. Her new in-laws let his stay there for the evening; Dolly slips into his room and guarantees to out of control with
him. She gives him water rather than doodh however this time the water is medicated. Toward the beginning of the day when they wake up Dolly is missing once more. The con-pack departure to Udaipur and they all intend to keep out of sight for some time. Be that as it may, soon, Dolly's brother sees a blurb for a nawab searching for a lady. This qualified unhitched
male of regal blood is none other than Saif Ali Khan (in an appearance). Dolly's pack go his palatial home to pitch for a wedlock however there the film takes an anticipated curve. Robin and his cops land up there to capture Dolly and her doli.

Release Date:  23 January 2015

Director:  Abhishek Dogra

Genres: Romance,Comedy

Language: hindi

Movie Quality: All Quality

Movie Size: All Sizes

Film Star:  Malaika Arora, Karan Ashar, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub

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