Bang Bang HIndi Movie Download 2014

Bang Bang HIndi Movie Download 2014

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Release Date: 2 October 2014
Director:  Siddharth Anand
Genres: Action,Adventure,Comedy
Language: hindi
Movie Quality: All Quality
Movie Size: All Sizes
Film Star:  Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif, Pavan Malhotra

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Some place in London, Colonel Viren Nanda (Jimmy Sheirgill) goes to meet a needed fear monger Omar Zafar (Danny Denzongpa) in his holding cell. As Viren illuminates Zafar that he will be removed back to India for his wrongdoings, Zafar's men enter his holding cell, driven by Hamid Gul (Jaaved Jaffrey), executing all watchmen around them, with Zafar then slaughtering Viren by shooting him and afterward consuming him. As Zafar escapes in a helicopter looking out for the rooftop, he puts a $5 million reward for somebody to take the Koh-I-Noor jewel from the Tower of London, however with one condition – the criminal must be Indian, to hold up another removal settlement among India and UK. Before long, a man named Rajveer Nanda (Hrithik Roshan) takes it, and when Zafar's men, driven by Shoaib Hakhsar (Ankur Vikal) are educated regarding the burglary, they travel to Rajveer for the arrangement. In spite of the fact that they at first travel with the $5 million reward, Rajveer advises them that he currently needs $20 million for the arrangement. Following the abhor of the remark made by Rajveer, a battle breaks out among Rajveer and Zafar's men after which Rajveer takes off. After Rajveer get away, a CCTV film of him is caught, demonstrating that he is in Shimla. Following a departure, he sees a young woman, Harleen Sahni (Katrina Kaif) sitting in an eatery, who is there hanging tight for her web date, "Vickie Kapoor", to appear. Rajveer enters the eatery acting like "Vickie" and charms her over. He persuades Harleen to utilize the washroom and keeping in mind that she is in there, Rajveer battles the rest of the men who came hunting down him and leaves the eatery, a lot to the alarm of Harleen. As she drives home, Harleen unintentionally keeps running over Rajveer, who requests that her join up a discharge twisted continued amid the battle. Rajveer then gives Harleen medicated water, with her consenting to what he says around a couple of government authorities, educating her about where to discover weapons underneath some vehicle situate and what they will say about him. The following day without a doubt, some administration authorities driven by Zorawar Kalra (Pawan Malhotra) visit Harleen at her bank and compromise her to accompany them. They disclose to her that on the off chance that she doesn't go with them, at that point they will uncover everything to her associates. Harleen chooses to go with them to the police headquarters. In the vehicle, Zorawar reveals to her that they are not setting off to the station but rather they are taking her to a protected spot. Harleen recalls about the firearm that Rajveer had advised her of. She connects with the other authority in casual discussion and finds the weapon. She undermines both the officers to stop the vehicle and let her go. In the meantime, Rajveer shows up on a bicycle and a pursuit grouping results. Both Rajveer and Harleen discover a vehicle and departure. At the point when Rajveer goes out to shoot the goons, Harleen escapes and afterward chances upon her manager, Karan. She educates him regarding Rajveer and how arbitrary individuals are terminating at her. Rajveer pursues her. Karan attempts to shield Harleen from Rajveer. He disturbs Rajveer and gets shot by him in the leg. Harleen is exasperated yet leaves with Rajveer again in case he shoots any more individuals. In the vehicle, Harleen and Rajveer get into a contention. Harleen states that she needs to return home and that she had committed a gigantic error by confiding in him. Rajveer irately chooses to let Harleen go and hands over the vehicle keys to her. He reveals to her that he has no other rationale than securing her. She feels regretful and chooses to stick to him. They start to drive again peacefully. Rajveer checks an area on his telephone which Harleen takes note. He at that point reveals to her that he has not executed a blameless individual before this and does not need her to pass on. He attempts to persuade her to accompany him for supper. They go to Pizza Hut where Rajveer understands that he has no cash to purchase sustenance. They get into a contention about it. He prods Harleen about her web dating and she slaps him. He takes steps to shoot the server and she in the end pays for the pizza. Harleen gets some information about the wrongdoing that he has submitted and Rajveer demonstrates her the Koh-I-Noor a lot incredibly. She experiences serious difficulties trusting that he is for sure a hoodlum. As she comes to think about Rajveer, they understand that they were trailed by Zorawar who says he has the eatery encompassed with his men and won't be reluctant to shoot Rajveer if necessary to. As the authorities persuade Harleen to go with them, Rajveer discloses to Harleen that he can't release her with them. He shoots her with a sedative dart and the two of them bounce out of a window and break. Harleen slips all through awareness as Rajveer keeps on taking her to security. She awakens in a shoreline shack wearing a swimsuit top and shorts. She furiously asks Rajveer with respect to who put on something else and he admits that he did it. She is furious amazing. She beats him and nibbles his hand. Harleen then takes Rajveer's telephone to call her grandma, unbeknownst to her it enables the administration authorities to follow their position. After a shootout happens among Rajveer and the administration authorities, he escapes with Harleen with an assistance of an ocean weave and a fly load up. Harleen gets up the following morning in Prague. As Rajveer had the option to effectively lead the departure of them both, Harleen now endows Rajveer, thusly beginning to look all starry eyed at him. At the point when Rajveer leaves his inn with Harleen, he sees that they are needed by Interpol. Some policemen come right now and, during the time spent hiding their faces, Rajveer and Harleen end up sharing an enthusiastic kiss. Rajveer tracks Hamid Gul at a gambling club. In spite of the fact that he was to go alone, Harleen demands to take her along, to which he concurs. Arranging a ploy for Gul's consideration, Harleen and Gul meet in the passage, where he discloses to her that a sentimental candlelit champagne drink is hanging tight for her on the top of the club. Following this, Rajveer visits Gul at the highest point of the gambling club, and a battle results with respect to the whereabouts of Zafar and he at last executes Gul. Meanwhile, Harleen spots Zorawar and is taken to the Indian Embassy in Prague, where Zorawar says that Rajveer really came to Prague to discover Gul, and gives her a GPS beacon. Harleen is approached to recover the Koh-I-Noor. That night, Rajveer gets Harleen at the passage of a lodging where they had been stating, and they start strolling through a scaffold, where Harleen says that the trust between them is broken, and that she thinks about Gul's homicide. Rajveer initiates the GPS beacon himself, enabling the authorities to encompass them. Rajveer gives the Koh-I-Noor to Harleen and hops from the extension, however is shot, and is accepted dead. Harleen then returns home and recollects the location area that Rajveer was seeing on his telephone. At the location, she meets Rajveer's dad Pankaj (Kanwaljit Singh) and his mom Shikha (Deepti Naval). At the house, Harleen sees photographs of Rajveer and Viren, who are later uncovered to be siblings and Shikha uncovers their back stories. In spite of the fact that it is affirmed that Viren was killed, Pankaj says that he doesn't have faith in the story the military let him know, saying that Jaiwant "Jai" Nanda, Viren's sibling, who is veiled as Rajveer, had suffocated notwithstanding being a swimming boss in his childhood, as he was the main understudy who had the option to cross the lake in just a single breath. On her way home, Harleen is grabbed by somebody and next terrains up in a fortification, where she meets Zafar, who learns and uncovers that the precious stone was a phony. Zorawar is then uncovered to be Zafar's correct hand man, and gives Harleen a fact serum medication to uncover the area of the genuine jewel. Harleen derives that Rajveer would have endure and is coming to execute Zafar. Jaiwant, meanwhile, is uncovered to have really endure, and quietly kills each gatekeeper posted outside and places time bombs in each corner and goes into the room. Zafar then requests his men to beat Rajveer however before Zafar can execute him Rajveer illuminates that the Koh-I-Noor was not stolen at all and it was a joint activity between the MI6 and the Indian Secret Service to get Zafar. The time bombs go off and demolish the palace, yet Zafar figures out how to escape and catches Harleen again in the wake of making Rajveer crash. As they escape with her, Jaiwant tails them with a F1 vehicle and makes up for lost time to them. Zafar enters a trip with Harleen. Murdering the remainder of Zafar's men including Zorawar, Jaiwant shoots at the flight cutting edges clearly establishing the plane. He before long loads onto the plane and a last session happens among him and Zafar. Subsequent to tossing him to the flares, Jaiwant liberates Harleen. When they are getting away from the airplane, Zafar rises up out of the blazes again and shoots Rajveer. Jaiwant pushes Harleen out of the airplane and a second shot hits him. He at that point gets the hatchet and charges towards Zafar and executes him. At the point when the airplane is going to detonate, he bounces out. He loses cognizance and is going to suffocate when Harleen gets his hand. The experts airdrop a harmed and oblivious Jaiwant and Harleen. Jaiwant then awakens in emergency clinic, where his commandant Narayanan (Vikram Gokhale) is sitting crosswise over him hanging tight for him to wake up. He salutes Rajveer for effectively finishing the mission. He regrets about the way that Viren was killed and that Pankaj and Shikha will never get the opportunity to see him again. Additionally, he educates Rajveer that Harleen has been sent back to her home and he needs to disregard her since she can turn into a risk to his life and furthermore his shortcoming. Rajveer is likewise informed that he will be moved to a sheltered office the following day. After Narayanan leaves, an attendant arrives and gives Jaiwant a prescription to drink. When he swallows down the medication, he feels wired and gets some information about it. The attendant pivots and expels her cover uncovering that she is really Harleen and the medication was a narcotic intended to thump Jaiwant out. An amazed Jaiwant attempts to state her name however Harleen requests that he stay silent. Jaiwant swoons and Harleen escapes from the clinic alongside him. He keeps on slipping all through awareness until the following

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