Phhir Hindi Movie Download 2011

Phhir Hindi Movie Download 2011

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Release Date: 12 August 2011
Director:  Girish Dhamija
Genres: Romance,Thriller,Drama
Language: hindi
Movie Quality: All Quality
Movie Size: All Sizes
Film Star: Rajniesh Duggall, Roshni Chopra, Monica

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The film opens with an individual (dared to be the hero) who goes to a master in Manchester, who reveals to him that he needs to pay for his wrongdoings in this life and the following one as well. That individual at that point goes to the basement of a Mansion called Dia Mansion, composes all that he has done on a letter, places it in an enormous box like box, and after that shoots himself. The following piece of the film opens in cutting edge UK, where the hero Dr. Kabir Malhotra (Rajneesh Duggal) is demonstrated living cheerfully with his better half Sia (Roshni Chopra). One day she disappears without even a word. The stressed specialist looks for her all over the place and questions everybody including her closest companion (Monica Agarwal) yet does not discover anything, until he goes over Disha, an artist and sooth sayer with unique forces of hunch on contacting objects who carries out that responsibility for nothing. At first Kabir affronts her and rejects her, however later on being persuaded by overseer Asif Sheik (Parag Tyagi)about her credible forces, he consents to take her assistance. With Sia out of the picture, Kabir considers everything in the past-how he discovered Sia, how he had battled with other men at bars who went close to her, how they enjoyed themselves. Before long Disha and the police find that Sia had gone with Monica and another person in a vehicle some place, and that vehicle is discovered relinquished. Kabir and Disha go to Monica's home, just to find that she has been killed. The case takes an intriguing turn when Disha happens to imagine something about Sia, which she doesn't tell Kabir on account of her dread that it would be unreasonably stunning for him to acknowledge. Before long Kabir and his folks get a call that Sia has been hijacked, and the criminal requests 1 million pounds from Kabir's folks. The hijackers ask Kabir to come alone to convey the cash through bearings given to him on numerous occasions over telephone. Kabir goes with transmitters fitted on him and the police following him, however these measures are rendered futile by the clearly brilliant lawbreakers. Before long Kabir winds up in a move bar, where the sacks are taken from him, however the hoodlums find that it is loaded up with just paper, and they beat him and take steps to slaughter his significant other. Kabir pursues them, just to be halted by Disha who touches base at the scene. She discloses to him that she knows where his significant other is. Disha takes Kabir and the cops to Dia Mansion, where on looking they run over the basement and the box. Kabir opens it to discover a skeleton and an exhausted material. He peruses every one of that was on it, and comprehend this was composed by none other than himself hundreds of years prior. Kabir had around then been betrayed by an envious companion of his into trusting that his significant other was unfaithful, and he killed his better half and kept her in the pine box. Later on knowing reality, he was not ready to pardon himself, so he had moved toward a master, who disclosed to him that he will pay for his violations now and in the following life, and instructed him next. Kabir had then composed everything and had shot himself at the basement. Before long the hijackers send a plate to Kabir's family with a video of Sia being tormented as a notice not to call police, and this time Kabir is called to a separated ship to pay up and take his significant other. On achieving the ship, Kabir goes alone, yet Disha sees a posse of goons tailing him, detects risk and tails him covertly. On the deck, Kabir meets with the best stun of his life when he sees his significant other, sound and generous holding on to meet him, with none other that her Englishman beau, whom Kabir had once beaten in a bar for going to Sia. Evidently everything that has occurred has been a demonstration and both have been engaged with the whole show. Sia shoots Kabir in the shoulder. She at that point reveals to him that she and the Englishman were sweethearts, and that her solitary enthusiasm for Kabir was in his dad's cash and property, for which she wedded him. She additionally concedes that it was she who executed Monica as the last was engaged with the wrongdoing and thoroughly understood it. They disclose to Kabir that on executing him, she will set up a demonstration of blamelessness before his folks and later the property will be exchanged to her.They additionally state they will dispense with his folks. As Kabir will be shot once more, Disha breaks in and pushes the firearm off Sia's hands. Kabir splits charge and pummels every one of the goons. Disha is pushed off the ship and holds tight the deck edges. Kabir goes to spare her, figures out how to pull her up, however gets wounded by Sia's sweetheart. Everybody escapes the scene. Sia lands at Kabir's home and attempts to persuade his folks that he was murdered by goons, however there comes Inspector Asif, who has come to think about everything, disclosing to them reality. He captures Sia on charges of endeavoring to Murder Kabir and on charges of killing Monica. Presently in clinic, in a basic condition and under medical procedure, Kabir's spirits leaves his body and meets Guru, who reveals to him that he has confronted the discipline for his violations before, however he has likewise spared lives as a specialist, so the hover of karma is finished, and that he will live. The film finishes in Goa, India, where Kabir touches base as an unexpected visitor at the place of Disha who has moved down to India. He says that he looked and found an image of the past of him and his better half. His significant other of the past happens to be none other than Disha herself. Disha says she realized this yet was hesitant to let it be known as she dreaded beginning to look all starry eyed at once more.

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