Drive Angry 2011 Hindi Dubbed Movie Download

Drive Angry 2011 Hindi Dubbed Movie Download

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Release Date:  25 February 2011 (USA)
Director: Patrick Lussier
Genres: Action,Fantasy,Thriller
Language: hindi dubbed
Movie Quality: 720p HDRip
Movie Size: 1GB
Film Star:  Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard, William Fichtner

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John Milton (Nicolas Cage) is an undead criminal who has gotten away Hell and stolen Satan's weapon, named the Godkiller, to murder Jonah King (Billy Burke), a religion chief who fooled Milton's little girl into joining his supporters in the wake of Milton's passing ten years earlier, just to slaughter her and her better half and take their newborn child girl (Milton's granddaughter) to be yielded in a Satanist custom. Ruler trusts that on the off chance that he murders the child, he will release Hell over Earth. Subsequent to examining and killing a portion of King's supporters, Milton finds that the custom will occur in Stillwater, a relinquished jail in Louisiana. He heads there, however stops by a coffee shop, where he meets Piper (Amber Heard), a server. Milton's vehicle is harmed in the interest, so he undermines Piper's vehicle, a 1969 blue Dodge Charger R/T 440 and pursues her to fix it in return for a ride while in transit to Stillwater to discover King. Going into her room, Piper strolls in on her beau, Frank (Todd Farmer), engaging in sexual relations with another lady. Flautist beats the lady and attacks Frank, getting thumped to the ground. Milton, in a telephone corner close-by, hears the upheaval and goes to Piper's guide, kicking Frank in the face as he is going to keep attacking Piper, and punching Frank over and over. Milton takes his vehicle, taking Piper alongside him heading to Stillwater. In the interim, a powerful usable of Satan, The Accountant (William Fichtner), lands on Earth with the mission to take Milton back to Hell and take the firearm back. Subsequent to investigating Frank, he finds that Milton and Piper are making a beeline for Louisiana, and murders Frank with a bat before fooling a couple of state troopers into helping him by mimicking a FBI operator. At an obscure inn, Milton is assaulted by King and his men, who found out about his arrival, however he slaughters the majority of them. The Accountant shows up with the police and pursues Milton and Piper, who are pursuing King's van. Milton utilizes the Godkiller to shoot the Accountant out of the street. They at that point pursue King to a congregation, just to think that its loaded up with King's devotees. They are trapped and caught. Flautist is seized and Milton is shot in the eye and left for dead, however he stirs and slaughters King's men before seeking after the RV by and by. Inside, Piper breaks free and battles King before hopping out of the RV and onto Milton's vehicle. Lord at that point cripples the vehicle by over and again shooting its motor. Milton and Piper at that point meet Milton's companion Webster (David Morse), who gives them another vehicle, a 1971 red Chevrolet Chevelle SS. Flute player finds that Milton is undead and needed to desert his little girl to shield her from his previous associates, which is the reason she was so effectively controlled by King. Webster uncovers that Milton kicked the bucket 10 years earlier in a shootout, and that Webster by and by conveyed his casket. She likewise finds that the Godkiller was stolen by Milton from Satan and has the ability to totally pulverize one's spirit, keeping it from going to either Heaven or Hell. In the interim, one of King's men who endure Milton's assault is found by the Accountant who addresses their association with Milton, and the man tells the Accountant that Milton is pursuing them and why. In the wake of furnishing himself, Milton discloses to Piper that he can't promise her wellbeing and that she should leave, however she guarantees him that she has never had a noble purpose to battle for up to this point, and that she is with him paying little heed to the outcomes. Milton advises Webster to remain behind, not wishing him to kick the bucket. With the assistance of the Accountant, they avoid the troops of Sheriff Cap (Tom Atkins) lastly touch base at Stillwater. The Accountant catches Piper and powers Milton to surrender the Godkiller before he can draw in King, yet he enables Milton to go into fight against King and his adherents to spare his granddaughter, taking note of that Satan is to a greater extent a knowledgeable, quiet superintendent of an extremely vast jail, as opposed to the substance of fiendishness, and that he really loathes the penances of blameless lives in his name. While Milton butchers King's men before they can forfeit the tyke, Piper gets away from The Accountant's grasp with the Godkiller. Ruler in the end gets the high ground on Milton and viciously beats him. Flautist fires the Godkiller at King, however misses and hits one of his few enduring men. She is thumped out by the firearm's force. Lord orders one of his female workers to kill the kid. Be that as it may, the lady, who had been thinking about the child as far back as King stole her, gets herself unfit to do the deed, irritating King. The Accountant pulls in King's consideration, enabling Milton to snatch the Godkiller and shoot King, pulverizing his spirit. The Accountant recovers the child and enables Milton to bid a fond farewell to her. Milton offers her to Piper, who guarantees to think about and secure her. Webster arrives and looks on as Milton "kicks the bucket". After both Piper and Webster have left, Milton is uncovered to even now not be completely dead and with the Accountant. Following this, Milton follows through on his prior guarantee to Webster, and indifferently drinks a brew out of what is left of King's skull. He consents to return to Hell, yet cautions that in the event that he is rebuffed too seriously for his activities, he will escape once more. The Accountant guarantees that he anticipates it, intimating that pursuing Milton is the best time he has ever had, before he squirms his keys and shows a dark 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air. He tosses the keys to Milton, who drives off into the doors of Hell.

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