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Short story: K. K. Singhania (Kader Khan) purchases a costly inn "Maharaja International" from P. K. Diwani (Dinesh Hingoo). Later on, Singhania finds that a dhaba inside the inn complex kept running by a negligible person Raja (Govinda) goes about as a hitch to the income of the lodging. The diversion begins consequently when each ploy utilized by Singhania to remove Raja's
dhaba winds up in smoke. Singhania's girl Kiran (Raveena Tandon) is enamored with a man named Rahul (Mohnish Behl). Rahul is monetarily helped by a confederate, Bishambar Nath (Prem Chopra). In the meantime, Raja builds up an interest for Kiran. Raja, who is as of now a persistent issue for Singhania, announces his affection for Kiran before Singhania. He tirelessly
asks Singhania for Kiran's hand just to be declined by Singhania. Notwithstanding, Singhania realizes that Rahul is a maverick whose interest is to bait young ladies and later forsake them in the wake of misusing their riches. So he cautions Kiran not to wed Rahul. After struggle among Singhania and Kiran, the previous says that Kiran is permitted to wed any man, be
he a down and out or Singhania's adversary, without his refusal, aside from Rahul. At some point, Raja thumps down the top floor of Singhania's lodging after Singhania endeavors to pulverize his dhaba utilizing a region bulldozer. Maddened at this, Singhania intensely pronounces Raja as his most noteworthy adversary. Kiran catches this and chooses to ruin her dad's
choice that Kiran is permitted to wed any man, be he a desperate or Singhania's foe, however Rahul. She begins a duplicitous relationship with Raja, picking up the last's love. Kiran's arrangement succeeds when Singhania articles to Raja. Raja defeats Singhania at each point. Singhania chooses to wed his little girl to the child of his companion and plans to declare
their commitment at her birthday party. In any case, Raja gatecrashes the gathering and thwarts Singhania's arrangement. The story takes a turn when Kiran dumps Raja and announces Rahul as her definitive man. Raja cautions her of Rahul's actual goals. He agrees with Singhania and attempts to persuade of her dad's reasons. Singhania alters his perspective on Raja and
declares that he would wed his girl to him. Kiran leaves for Rahul's home, and Rahul discovers it an incredible chance to procure Singhania's whole riches as his girl is currently in his care. He strikes Kiran, limits her in his home and requests Singhania by telephone, of his whole riches and property as a result for his little girl's life. Raja finds out about
Rahul's horrible arrangement and chooses to protect Kiran. He plans with Singhania to hoodwink Bishambar of his riches. He touches base at Rahul's home and dupes him and his accessories that they become antagonistic with each other. He thumps Rahul when Singhania touches base with certain archives, evidently to exchange his whole riches to Bishambar. Charmed at
accomplishing Singhania's whole resources, Bishambar signs the papers without understanding them yet later finds that they are not the property papers as he expected, however his admission of abducting Kiran and undermining her life. The papers further express his craving for his garments and different effects to be seized by his men persuasively. His men grab away
his assets when police arrive and capture Rahul, Bishambar and their partners. In the last scene, Singhania, Kiran, and Raja join together.

Release Date: 10 July 1998 (India)

Director:  Harmesh Malhotra

Genres: Comedy

Language: hindi

Movie Quality: All Quality

Movie Size: All Sizes

Film Star:  Govinda, Raveena Tandon, Kader Khan

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