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Short story: Sunita (Jiah Khan) is a therapeutic understudy dealing with a venture about the human mind with her cohorts. When she was denied access by her educator to the inquisitive instance of Sanjay Singhania (Aamir Khan), a man answered to have anterograde amnesia, since it is under criminal examination, Sunita chooses to research the issue herself. It is later uncovered
that Sanjay loses his memory like clockwork. He utilizes an arrangement of photos, notes, and tattoos on his body to recuperate his memory after each cycle to help himself to remember his main goal: to retaliate for the demise of his sweetheart Kalpana (Asin). He efficiently executes the general population who were engaged with the homicide. His principle target is
Ghajini Dharmatma (Pradeep Rawat), a prominent social identity in the city, and the man straightforwardly in charge of Kalpana's demise and Sanjay's condition. Police controller Arjun Yadav (Riyaz Khan) tracks Sanjay down to his condo and thumps him oblivious. Yadav discovers two journals in which Sanjay has chronicled the occasions of 2005 and 2006. The film
flashes back to 2005 as Yadav peruses the journal. Sanjay Singhania is the executive of the Air Voice cell phone organization. Over the span of business, he sends his men to meet Kalpana, a battling model of Mumbai, about setting up a board over her condo. The proprietor of Kalpana's promoting firm misconstrues this as a sentimental development and, in perspective on
a conceivable rewarding Air Voice advertisement battle, urges Kalpana to acknowledge the suggestion. Kalpana considers it an honest trick that may bring her better displaying work and chooses to go about as Sanjay's sweetheart. Sanjay goes to go up against Kalpana about this yet begins to look all starry eyed at her at first sight. He shrouds his personality and
presents himself as Sachin, and the two start getting to know each other. The journal closes with Sanjay proposing to Kalpana and promising himself that he will uncover his real character in the event that she acknowledges. At the point when Yadav is going to peruse the 2006 journal, Sanjay stirs and assaults him, tying him up. Ghajini understands that somebody is
attempting to murder him however is unfit to make sense of who. Sunita visits Sanjay's level and finds Sanjay's arrangement to slaughter Ghajini. She takes the two his journals before discovering Yadav, beaten and bound, and liberating him. Simply at that point, Sanjay arrives, he recollects neither of them and pursues them out. Yadav is hit by a transport as he
escapes in fear, and Sunita, trusting Ghajini is the hero in threat, illuminates him about Sanjay. Ghajini touches base at Sanjay's level and demolishes the majority of Sanjay's photos and notes, just as the tattoos on Sanjay's body, so that Sanjay is left with nothing to enable him to recoup his memory. In the interim, Sanjay finds that Sunita had cautioned Ghajini
and he goes to her quarters to slaughter her, yet Sunita calls the police and Sanjay is captured. Back in her quarters as Sunita peruses the journals, the film flashes back to 2006, where it is uncovered that Kalpana had acknowledged Sanjay's proposition. At the point when this journal closes unexpectedly, Sunita examines further and finds that Kalpana was making a
trip to Goa for a demonstrating task when she happened upon 25 honest young ladies being dealt. She had spared the young ladies with the assistance of some military officers ready, who named Ghajini as the instigator of the racket. Insulted, Ghajini broke into Kalpana's condo with his goons to slaughter her. At the point when Sanjay arrived, he discovered Kalpana
wounded. Ghajini then hit Sanjay over the head with an iron pole. Sanjay's last sight was Ghajini mercilessly killing Kalpana with the iron pole. Kalpana's final word to Sanjay was "Ghajini." Sunita, presently mindful of the stunning truth, discovers Sanjay in the emergency clinic and reveals to him reality. He flies into a grief stricken anger and tracks down
Ghajini with Sunita's assistance. He wards off the majority of Ghajini's cohorts with an unrivaled and outrage filled quality. Ghajini, after acknowledging Sanjay is unreasonably solid for him, escapes. Sanjay's memory misfortune strikes once more, and he overlooks who Ghajini is. Ghajini accepts this open door to wound Sanjay and insult him with the horrifying story
of how he killed Kalpana. As he is going to make Sanjay remember the experience by executing Sunita in the equivalent accurate manner, Sanjay recoups the memory of Kalpana's homicide, and overwhelms Ghajini instantly of solidarity. He at long last slaughters Ghajini, similarly Ghajini had murdered Kalpana. The film closes a half year later, with a still-amnesiac
Sanjay who is by and by the Chairman of AirVoice and is volunteering at a shelter named after Kalpana. Sunita gives him a blessing that helps him to remember his bond, with Kalpana, and Sanjay sees Kalpana close by. Sanjay is at long last content with himself.

Release Date:  24 December 2008 (USA)

Director:  A.R. Murugadoss

Genres: Action,Drama

Language: hindi

Movie Quality: All Quality

Movie Size: All Sizes

Film Star:  Aamir Khan, Asin, Jiah Khan

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