Great Grand Masti 2016 Hindi Movie Download

Short story: he film highlights three companions Amar, Meet and Prem who dependably need fun (Masti). The film starts with the title melody where the three companions get hitched to Sapna, Rekha and Nisha. They are discontent with their marriage life as a result of their relative, brother by marriage and sister-in-law separately. Amar's relative needs her late spouse to be renewed
and on the request of a misrepresentation Baba. She has prevented her little girl from having any physical relations with Amar for more than a half year to accomplish the resurrection of her late spouse. Meet's better half is a twin and at whatever point he endeavors to go close to his significant other, it turns on his brother by marriage (who is a jock). The
association between the two twin causes incredible issues like Meet's better half whipping him inadvertently when her sibling is pounding some goon. Prem's sister-in-law is appealing yet in all respects senseless, she comes to live with them and needs to lay down with her senior sister, compelling Prem to rest on the lounge chair far from his better half. One day
they meet in a bar and choose to make the most of their lives together. They choose to go to Amar's town to auction his family Haveli (old house) and in the mean time mess around with the delightful women in the town. When they achieve the town, they discover that individuals are frightened of the Haveli. An elderly person reveals to them that there used to be a dad
little girl pair who lived in the haveli 50 years prior, the little girl, Ragini was exceptionally wonderful and numerous young men were stricken by her magnificence however her dad never let any person close to her. At 20 years old, Ragini passed on because of snake nibble however her spirit still dwells in the haveli looking for a man who'll do masti with her. The
folks dismiss it and continue towards the haveli, there they meet an alluring young lady who's been living furtively in the haveli as she is distant from everyone else and has no place to go. The young men procure her as their house cleaner and every one begins attempting to pull in her. Before long it is uncovered that she is undoubtedly Ragini and she advises the
young men that one of them must lay down with her so as to free her spirit and whoever does as such incredible. The young men get frightened and take a stab at getting away from the house yet without much of any result. Prem focuses on doing as such before Ragini to get them some time and in the interim they procure Babu Rangeela, a male whore to lay down with Ragini.
However, on the last minute their spouses appear and Ragini transforms Babu into a chicken. Ragini makes the young men do strange stuff before their spouses and in-laws who go along with them at the haveli so they would leave. At the point when the young men see that their spouses are covertly fasting for them notwithstanding when Ragini portrayed them off all things
considered degenerates before them, they choose to go up against Ragini. They meet Ragini and disclose to her they won't lay down with her and she can't hurt them as their spouses are fasting for their long lives. Ragini harms them however they light a flame around her and call her dad's soul to support them. Or maybe Babu's soul comes (who was cooked by the three
spouses) and does Masti with Ragini subsequently fulfilling her desire. Babu and Ragini leave the world together and the three couples live joyfully ever after.

Release Date: 15 July 2016 (India)

Director: Indra Kumar

Genres: Romance,Comedy,Drama

Language: hindi

Movie Quality: All Quality

Movie Size: All Sizes

Film Star:  Urvashi Rautela, Riteish Deshmukh, Vivek Oberoi

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