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Short story: Salman Khan is a Bollywood entertainer, who is on a live visit close Delhi, where his personal jet accidents. Fortunately, he endures and in a parlor, he meets a young lady (Katrina Kaif). She discloses to him a story, around six companions and their supervisor who all work together at a Mumbai-based call focus. They are told never to uncover their area and talk with
an American pronunciation by a Boston-based organization. There is Shyam (Sam) (Sharman Joshi), Priyanka (Gul Panag), Varun (Sohail Khan), Esha (Isha Koppikar), Radhika (Amrita Arora) and Military Uncle (Sharat Saxena). Their supervisor, Subhash Bakshi (Dalip Tahil), endeavors to assist his vocation by appropriating programming, consenting to lay off 40% of the Indian
workforce, and re-situate to Boston. In spite of the fact that these six companions cooperate, regardless they experience a few battles ;Shyam attempts his best to accommodate with Priyanka after their separation, Esha gets irritated by Varun when she supposes he enjoys her, Radhika is shattered when her significant other Anuj (Arbaaz Khan) goes behind her back with
his sweetheart, and Military Uncle needs a visa to see his child and grandson. Bakshi transforms their names into American names, for example, transforming Shyam into Agent Sam, Varun to Agent Victor, Esha to Elizabeth, Priyanka to Pearl, and Radhika to Rebecca. One night, Shyam and his companions are compelled to work in the evening time move until 4:00 toward the
beginning of the day. At work, Shyam understands that Priyanka is experiencing an intense time with her organized marriage with Ganesh, a well off Indian-American who remains in the United States, Shyam taps the telephones telephone line on account of Varun helping him so he can catch their discussions. At the point when Bakshi calls every one of them to his office
for a gathering, he converses with his American supervisor and the six companions catch his arrangement about him going to Boston and takes Shyam and Varun's site manual alongside him. Esha gets furious disclosing to Shyam that Varun utilized her to no end so Shyam has a go at conversing with Varun until he loses his temper and begins breaking everything. At a
gathering, they all get alcoholic and choose to head back home since it is late. The six are en route home, until they approach a mishap, and are stuck over a precipice in their vehicle, and in the event that anyone attempts to move, the vehicle may lose its equalization and tumble off the bluff. They all stay cool, and Shyam endeavors to call somebody, he discovers
his telephone battery has run out, in this manner, in a wrath he breaks his telephone and tosses it on the floor of the vehicle. Later on, still caught in the vehicle, the broken telephone gets a telephone call; six astonished companions answer it, just to locate the guest is God. God tells the six, they should resist the urge to panic, and simply trust in themselves
and all will be well. They do as they are told, and find that the flame unit has touched base to spare them. They all are spared. Bakshi is terminated by his American manager and supplanted by Shyam in light of the fact that he generally had potential. A long time later, Shyam and Varun open their own site institute, Shyam proposes to Priyanka and gets hitched to her,
Military Uncle pays for a visa and goes to America, Radhika carries on with a cheerful life in the wake of separating Anuj, Esha stops her style demonstrating vocation and fills in as a NGO Laborer, and Priyanka concentrates to turns into a teacher. After the story, Khan asks the lady her identity, and she answers "in the event that you put stock in yourself, you will
know the appropriate response". She leaves the parlor, and as Khan pursues her, he appears to observe she has all of a sudden vanished. He trusts in himself, his fly gets fixed, and he flies back home

Release Date:  17 October 2008 (Pakistan)

Director:  Atul Agnihotri

Genres: Romance,Drama

Language: hindi

Movie Quality: All Quality

Movie Size: All Sizes

Film Star:  Sharman Joshi, Amrita Arora, Sohail Khan

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