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Short story: Karan (Akshaye Khanna) and Priya (Amisha Patel) are the lead sets of a move troupe . Priya is an unbelievably wonderful and stunning young lady while Karan is infatuated with her, to which she unmistakably responds. The sweethearts land a gig on a journey send (bound for Malaysia) claimed by a rich agent named Raj (Bobby Deol). Raj, who is pulled in to Priya's superb
magnificence and polish at first sight, and doesn't realize that Priya and Karan are infatuated. Raj rapidly succumbs to Priya and she is completely impressed her. While Karan is ignorant, Raj keeps on romancing and charm Priya. Inevitably, Raj proposes to Priya and she excitedly consents to wed him. The story takes a wind when we discover that Priya and Karan have
been conspiring and plotting from the start to take Raj's cash, and the arrangement would be executed with Priya beginning an "undertaking" with Raj and abuse her disturbing magnificence and appeal to get him to marry her. So starts a slippery love triangle, where eagerness, aspiration, and love cause strife in their lives. Karan and Priya keep doing with their
arrangements and choose to get Priya to separate from Raj and become moguls with the offer Priya gets from separation. However, Raj cherishes Priya in all respects profoundly. Priya goes to Karan for the following arrangement for separation. Karan teaches her not to be pushed. He would deal with the legal documents. She simply needs to state that Raj never fulfilled
the marriage since he is feeble. In the mean time, another artist from the troupe gets wind of their plot and begins extorting Karan. Karan meets him at the assigned spot to hand him over the cash yet rather slaughters him. Obscure to Karan just before kicking the bucket he calls Raj to uncover reality. Since Raj isn't in his office the call goes in the voice letter
drop. Stressed with the predicament of picking minding spouse over close to home desire, Priya meets with a mishap while returning home. Raj showers Priya with all his affection and care. Priya is overpowered to realize Raj has kept a supplication for Priya's quick recuperation and had kept a quick for 2 days. Priya chooses to uncover reality to Raj and henceforth
reveals to Karan that she won't proceed with the separation. Karan feels sold out and chooses to get his vengeance on Priya and Raj. He fakes a call from his troupe part and goes about as though he is been bugged for an influence. Priya chooses to give her adornments to Karan so as to spare him. Be that as it may, Karan calls Raj from an open telephone with voice over
and deceives him that Priya cherishes Karan and she giving endlessly cash plundered from Raj to Karan. Raj pursues her and sees that Priya meeting Karan and giving over her adornments. Raj misconstrues and plots to rebuff her. According to the arrangement, Raj has paid Karan to execute Priya and make it resemble a burglary. Raj clarifies every single purpose of the
arrangement straight up to exact time and ways to be utilized for homicide and says that he will approach the landline as he needs to hear Priya shout while she is kicking the bucket. Priya unbeknownst chooses to admit everything to Raj in a sound account and supplant the tape with the music tape in Raj's vehicle. She realizes that Raj has a propensity for hearing
music while venturing out to the workplace. In the accounts, she makes reference to that if Raj has excused her, he should give a call. If not she will abandon him until the end of time. It just so happens, Raj is going with a representative that day and subsequently doesn't tune in to the tape. Karan goes into the house as arranged and hangs tight for the call. In
the meantime, Priya is likewise hanging tight for the call from Raj anticipating that him should pardon her. Raj calls the landline as arranged, an energized Priya picks up the telephone. Karan assaults her in the meantime and guarantees Raj can hear her shouts. Raj tunes in to the tape as he sits in the vehicle with sickening dread. He races to spare Priya just to
see the police and an emergency vehicle holding up at the house. It is uncovered that Priya is spared and the guardian angel is none other than Karan, in the interim a little time hooligan is dead. He at that point extorts Raj saying he had recorded the gathering with him about the homicide and to maintain a strategic distance from any difficulties requests that Raj
separate Priya with substantial divorce settlement as a piece of his payment plan. Karan achieves Raj's familial house and attempts to coerce Raj by forcing him about the result to his more distant family individuals in the event that they discover Raj is imprisoned for arranging Priya's homicide. Raj goes to meet Karan at a chose spot where he says he is prepared to
go to imprison, however won't give any cash to Karan. The two men break out in a battle however stop when Priya arrives. Karan informs her concerning Raj's arrangement to slaughter her, yet Priya says she knows about it and knew Karan was coercing Raj. At last, Priya slaughters Karan and reunites with Raj.

Release Date: 26 July 2002 (India)

Director:  Abbas Alibhai Burmawalla

Genres: Action,Romance,History

Language: hindi

Movie Quality: All Quality

Movie Size: All Sizes

Film Star:  Bobby Deol, Akshaye Khanna, Ameesha Patel

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