Jaan-E-Mann Hindi Movie Download 2006

Short story: The film starts when Suhaan gets a notice saying his ex Piya, who has settled in New York, needs a separation settlement of 5 million rupees, in light of his inability to make his provision installments because of his poor monetary condition. Suhaan advances to his uncle Boney Kapoor (Anupam Kher), a smaller person legal advisor, for assistance. While they are
attempting to make sense of an answer, Agastya Rao (Akshay Kumar) lands at their doorstep hunting down Piya. He uncovers to them that he experienced passionate feelings for Piya amid his school days however couldn't express his affection to her since she was infatuated with another person, unconscious that the individual he lost her to was Suhaan. Piya had overlooked
Agastya at that point, a geek, no one worth mentioning, and even made himextremely upset by brushing him off to be with Suhaan at a show that Agastya had taken her to. A grief stricken Agastya left the school thus and in the long run ended up in Houston working for NASA. Suhaan Kapoor (Salman Khan) and Piya Goyal (Preity Zinta) begin to look all starry eyed at in
school and run off. Be that as it may, he needs to keep his marriage a mystery so as to assist his vocation as a motion picture star and, when his profession hits a low, he returns home to discover that she has abandoned him. She doesn't answer his calls or messages, and he before long gets separate from notice via the post office. Suhaan and Boney Kapoor bring
forth an arrangement to get Agastya and Piya together so that Suhaan need not pay divorce settlement to Piya and Agastya gets the young lady he had always wanted. Suhaan goes with Agastya to New York City to help Agastya win Piya over. They lease a loft inverse Piya's and keep a close eye on her, actually, utilizing telescopes, binoculars, and reconnaissance
procedures. Utilizing a headset, Suhaan sustains Agastya lines to charm Piya with and in the long run prevails with regards to getting Piya and Agastya together. One night, Suhaan discovers Piya has an infant young lady, Suhaan 's little girl. He understands that she left him since she didn't need her and the child to destroy Suhaan 's movie vocation. Suhaan
understands his misstep and attempts to offer some kind of reparation and begin another existence with Piya and his little girl, Suhaani. Lamentably, before he can act, Piya gets drew in to Agastya. It later rises that Piya's sibling, Vishal(Nawab Shah), had been concealing letters that Suhaan kept in touch with her and was in charge of starting the separation
procedure. Agastya understands that Piya is still enamored with Suhaan and not him; so he uncovers reality and advises her to be with Suhaan. Piya flies back to India where Suhaan is attempting to look for some kind of employment as a little time on-screen character. They express their common love, rejoining their broken family. A couple of years after the fact,
Agastya is on a NASA space transport and starts a video gathering with Suhaan and Piya (on Suhaan's Birthday). He acquaints them with his new sweetheart who looks strikingly like Piya.

Release Date:  20 October 2006 (India)

Director:  Shirish Kunder

Genres: Romance,Drama,Musical

Language: hindi

Movie Quality: All Quality

Movie Size: All Sizes

Film Star:  Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Preity Zinta

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