Koi Aap Sa: But Lovers Have to Be Friends 2005 Hindi Movie Download

Short story: Rohan and Simi are cherished companions. Rohan likes a young lady from school named Preeti and Simi brings Rohan and Preeti closer. Notwithstanding, Preeti feels cumbersome, uncertain and desirous; in light of the fact that she feels Rohan and Simi's companionship is acting as a burden. Now, Simi's life partner Vicky enters with his great companion Ranjit, Preeti
comes to discover that Vicky is Simi's life partner and that they're commitment party is to be held tomorrow. At the commitment party Simi hits the dance floor with Vicky and Rohan hits the dance floor with Preeti. After the commitment party Vicky flies out on a work excursion, while Rohan, Simi and Preeti go to a gathering. At the gathering, while Rohan and Preeti
are moving, Ranjit visits Simi, he says he was headed to the air terminal yet needed to give Simi a blessing before he left, as her family taken care of him very well amid his outing in India. Ranjit says he left the blessing in the taxi and induces Simi to tail him to the taxi to get the blessing. Be that as it may, before they could achieve the taxi, Ranjit pushes
Simi into an extra room and fiercely assaults her. Simi gets out Rohan's name however when Rohan comes it's to late. Rohan pursues the taxi that Ranjit is in, however Ranjit's taxi meets with a mishap and Ranjit passes on. Simi doesn't advise Vicky and needs to hang tight to let him know face to face. While in transit to pick Vicky from the airplane terminal, Simi is
on the telephone with Rohan, when she has a mishap. At the medical clinic, the Doctor discloses to Rohan that Simi is pregnant and fetus removal shouldn't be considered as it is extremely unsafe, Vicky catches this. Nobody trusts, Simi when she discloses to them that Ranjit assaulted her, Simi's folks and Vicky accuse Rohan and Vicky calls of the commitment and
leaves. Rohan chooses to acknowledge Simi and the child and proposes to her to spare her from embarrassment; they get ready for marriage. Similarly as the wedding is drawing closer, and Simi is intensely pregnant, Vicky returns. He understood he wasn't right and requests another opportunity, Simi concurs. Rohan professes to be upbeat for Simi, yet he's extremely grief
stricken, as he really cherishes Simi. At Rohan's football coordinate, Simi discloses to VIcky that they're just claiming to be a couple, so that Rohan and Preeti can get back together. Preeti enters and reveals to Simi that Rohan cherishes Simi and just Simi. Now Simi gets work torments and everybody surges her to the medical clinic. Simi brings forth an infant young
lady and when the attendant asks who the dad is she says Rohans name. After this both Simi and Rohan are as one,

Release Date: 14 October 2005 (India)

Director:  Partho Mitra

Genres: Romance,Comedy

Language: hindi

Movie Quality: All Quality

Movie Size: All Sizes

Film Star:  Aftab Shivdasani, Anita Hassanandani Reddy

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