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Short story: The film happens in the ruined town of Laholi where, following dry spells, the vast majority of the townspeople's assets are sold to the neighborhood Thakurani Karamkali (Sudha Chandran). One of only a handful couple of excitements the locals can manage the cost of is the lottery, Malaamal Weekly (malamal is Hindi for 'rich'). Lilaram (Paresh Rawal) is the main
taught man in the town. He has the activity of middle person between the lottery association and the town, for which he gets a commission at whatever point a resident successes; in this way, he has a generally decent yet unstable salary. One day he peruses the triumphant lottery numbers and understands that one of the tickets has won the top prize of one crore (about
$160,000, a relative fortune in rustic India). He devises an arrangement to get the triumphant ticket and present it to the commission as his own. He has a supper (selling his better half's adored pet goat to the Thakurain to pay for it) and welcomes every one of the locals who play the lottery, yet the man he is searching for does not turn up. By end he finds that
the champ is Anthony ([Tiku Talsania]), the town alcoholic, and reasons that he didn't turn up in light of the fact that he realized that he had won the top prize. Planning to at any rate separate his bonus, he goes to Anthony's home, and discovers him dead, the triumphant ticket grasped in his grasp and an upbeat appearance all over. Lilaram endeavors to pry the
ticket from Anthony's fingers yet is upset by Anthony's body in meticulousness mortis. Lilaram in the end prevails with regards to liberating it with a blade; now Ballu (Om Puri), the neighborhood dairy rancher, goes into the house and finds him remaining over Anthony's body with what has all the earmarks of being the homicide weapon in his grasp. Ballu's
heartbreaking colleague Kanhaiya (Ritesh Deshmukh) experiences considerable difficulties of following Ballu's requests and commits a great deal of errors. He has passionate inclusion with Ballu's little girl Sukhmani likewise united with them. Lilaram reveals to Ballu reality and persuades him to stay quiet in return for sharing the lottery rewards between them.
Lamentably for them, before biting the dust Anthony figured out how to call the lottery commission and give his name and address, just as his sister and a few people to whom he owed cash to let them know of his favorable luck. The mystery before long winds up difficult to keep, and Lilaram must make sense of how to trick the lottery auditor (Arbaaz Khan), who is en
route to the town to talk with Anthony. To conceal the entire occurrence according to plan of Lilaram, Ballu went about as living Antony and monitor ended up fulfilled. After that Ballu, Kanhaiya and Lilaram are acquainted with a singular man named Joseph (Shakti Kapoor) as Kanhaiya additionally neglects to conceal Anthony's body yet has a mystery sentiment with
Sukhmani. Every one of them effectively covered Antony however lamentably Bajbahadur otherwise known as Bajey (Rajpal Yadav), sibling of Thakurani knew their mystery plan and Antony's demise case. He began undermining them. Some days after the fact, Chokeylal (Asrani) Kanhaiya's dad goes to the town and knows about Kanhaiya's impoliteness which prompts him to secure
his own child Ballu's stable in light of the fact that Kanhaiya impeding the arrangement of getting cash from lottery. Around evening time Lilaram, Ballu, Chokey and Joseph figure out how to get Baje. Be that as it may, they neglect to hijack Bajey and inadvertently abduct Joseph accidentally. Bajey was grabbed by another group of close-by town because of their own
feud. Following couple of days the said Lottery reviewer goes to the town and gives the interest draft to Ballu. When he is returning, Thakurani and Bajey's pack endeavor to get him up to advise the genuine reality regarding Antony's lottery ticket. Ballu, Lilaram, Kanhaiya and rest of the townspeople attempt to stop Thakurani and Bajey, resulting a confused pursue.
Exactly when Thakurani makes up for lost time with the lottery monitor's vehicle, he hits her cruiser and Thakurani dives to death in the town stream. The locals let the overseer go in return of guarantee that he would not let out the slightest peep to anybody. The motion picture closes with everybody getting rich expect for Bajey, who turns into a hobo.

Release Date:  10 March 2006 (India)

Director:  Priyadarshan

Genres: Romance,Comedy,Drama

Language: hindi

Movie Quality: All Quality

Movie Size: All Sizes

Film Star:  Paresh Rawal, Om Puri, Riteish Deshmukh

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