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Short story: The story pursues a rich agent called Shravan (Sanjay Dutt) who plays with fire,women and anything he can get his hands on. Shravan has all that one can dream of having and what he doesn't have, he gets it. At some point, he meets the lovely and vivacious Varsha (Manisha Koirala), whom he attempts to charm, become companions with her and sooner or later, proposes
marriage to her, to which she in the end concurs. The couple get ready for marriage, and go on a little occasion. In any case, Varsha's excellent dream arrives at a stunning end when Shravan discloses to her that his affection for her was only a dramatization to get ready for marriage so he could lay down with her. Heart broken and broke, Varsha's entire world falls
around her. She leaves the nation and goes as far away as conceivable from Shravan ,and starts to begin another existence with another name of Payal. Shravan comes back to his home, and says things turned out poorly with Varsha. After the episode, years go by into 10 years and after that Payal meets a man named Karan (Ajay Devgn) a youthful craftsman, who starts to
pursue her, and clarifies she is the lady he finds in his fantasies ,they become hopelessly enamored. Payal concurs and they start wedding arrangements ... Everything is going great, and the entire town is welcome to the wedding. Little does poor Payal realize that "Shravan" - is sibling of Karan. Amid the functions week, preceding the wedding, Payal's reality flips
around as she sees Shravan and Shravan sees her! Word gets around and spreads like out of control fire and after that Karan, who at that point discovers reality that was avoided him by Payal, ends up daunted , unfriendly, befuddled and attempts to end it all. Now, fortunately Shravan comes to Karan and clarifies him that it was all his shortcoming he had played with
Payal/Varsha's deep rooted time prior. Shravan is harmed and battles to make Karan guarantee to deal with Varsha/Payal and furthermore not to tell the family that Payal is Varsha. He endeavors to ask absolution yet kicks the bucket in the arms of Karan. Akash Puri is adequate in his jobs as the sort Roshan and a torn by affection Pakistani officer Kabir in his
previous existence. Neha Shetty attempts to convey, however her presentation appears as submissive as her characters, Pakistani understudy Afreen and a Kashmiri lady in her previous existence. Murli Sharma and Ashwini Kalsekar are excellent in the job of Afreen's folks conflicted between needing the best for the girl while dreading the anger of society. Sayaji Shinde
too is great in his job of Roshan's dad. Vishu Reddy anyway shouts through his job, his uproarious discoursed getting irritating sooner or later, regardless of how great he looks. 'Mehbooba' likewise is by all accounts hugely confounded between needing to regard Pakistan as just a neighbor that merits regard and joining the crowd by empowering the aggregate disdain
our nation by one way or another feels for theirs and the other way around. 'Mehbooba' neglects to connect because of its defective execution, with a peak and certain discoursed that must be considered as silly. Nonetheless, the film merits a watch, if just for the legit endeavor made.

Release Date: 11 July 2008 (India)

Director: Tabrez Hashmi, Afzal Khan

Genres: Romance,Drama

Language: hindi

Movie Quality: All Quality

Movie Size: All Sizes

Film Star:  Sanjay Dutt, Manisha Koirala, Ajay Devgn

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