Mehrunisa V Lub U Movie Download 2017

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Release Date:  26 June 2017 (Pakistan)
Director:  Yasir Nawaz
Genres: Romance,Comedy
Language: hindi
Movie Quality: All Quality
Movie Size: All Sizes
Film Star:  Nayyar Ejaz, Amna Ilyas, Sana Javed

Short story: Ali, a youthful Pakistani, comes back from China to Karachi with presents for his family and companions. He is infatuated with his youth pulverize Mehru, the little girl of his dad's companion, and a marriage partnership is made between their families. In the mean time, Marzi, a nearby transgender wear, looks to purchase out the area in a plan with a lawmaker to benefit from foreseen Chinese improvement in the zone. Love birds Ali and Mehru are unfit to imagine a youngster. A specialist recommends that pressure could be the reason, as Mehru has been unfit to change in accordance with the city lack of sanitization and fears wrongdoing. Ali chooses to let her stay at her dad's home in the nation, while choosing to improve his neighborhood by changing the frames of mind of its occupants. With his confided in companion Jani, Ali sets to persuading the network to improve their neighborhood. Some are safe however early advancement persuades them to keep the streets and structures clean, if just as a veneer. Mehru understands that Ali's neighbors are great individuals, and the rejuvenation prompts a news broadcast of monetary development and budgetary dependability. Edgy to oversee the square, Marzi rents a loft and endeavors to make issue with his goons. The lawmaker seizes Mehru and requests Rs 3 crore (30 million rupees) deliver from Ali. To collect the cash, his neighbors pitch their condos to Marzi for a minor Rs 10 lakhs (1 million rupees). Understanding the plan, Ali and his companions salvage Mehru while the government official is holding a question and answer session, and open his offenses to the media. Some time later, Ali and Mehru welcome their child to a protected and clean neighborhood. A light parody delineating pervasive social disasters, general lack of concern of individuals and resolve of some to battle improve the life and encompassing around them.

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