Mr. Sukumar (Sukumarudu) 2013 Hindi Dubbed Movie Download


Short story: Sukumarudu is a sentimental family performer motion picture in which, Aadi and Nisha Aggarwal assuming the principle lead jobs alongside Krishna, Chandra Mohan and Sharada will assume unmistakable jobs in the film. The story is about a rich youthful person, Sukumar(Aadi) who lives abroad. His family is back home in a delightful town. Saint returns in light of some
reason(property), there is an excellent young lady holding on to fall in love(Nisha Aggarwal), legend faces trouble from couple of relatives and what pursues is the manner by which the saint figures out how to win hearts(and property). A small contrast, Sukumar, initially is cash disapproved and indicates attributes of self-centeredness. He returns to the town with
the aim of acquiring 150 Crores(!) from his grnadmother Vandanamma(Sharada). Clearly when such a major sum is invovled, there would be some trouble, here, the trouble is as Rao Ramesh, his uncle. Such a great amount of dramatization without melodies is un-thinkable, in this way, there is Sankari(Nisha). Issue fathomed, toss in some undesirable tunes and an affection
track. Will Sukumar prevail with regards to getting the property? what occurs with the romantic tale? what occurs with the grandma? structure the three hour motion picture. Pilla Zamindar popularity G. Ashok is coordinating this motion picture under K. Venugopal flag Sri Soudhamini Creations. Music created by Anoop Rubens.

Release Date:  10 May 2013 (India)

Director:  Ashok G.

Genres: Romance,Comedy,Drama

Language: hindi dubbed

Movie Quality: All Quality

Movie Size: All Sizes

Film Star: Aadi, Nisha Agarwal

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description/short story will upload soon

description/short story will upload soon

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