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Short story: Murli Prasad Sharma (Sanjay Dutt), nicknamed Munna Bhai (truly Brother Munna), is a bhai or gunda: a well-meaning wear in the Mumbai black market. Given that his dad had wanted him to be a therapeutic specialist, he makes the false Sri Hari Prasad Sharma Charitable Hospital (named after his dad) and professes to live as per this desire at whatever point his dad (Sunil
Dutt) and mother (Rohini Hattangadi) visit him in Mumbai. One year, in any case, Munna's arrangement goes astray when his dad meets an old associate, Dr. Asthana (Boman Irani) and the two more established men choose to pledge Munna to Asthana's little girl, Dr. Suman "Chinki" (Gracy Singh). Now reality about Munna is uncovered. Asthana affronts Munna's folks and
calls them "fools" for being oblivious of Munna's reality. Munna's dad and mom, alarmed and later devastated, leave for their town. Munna, in pain and depression, chooses that the best way to make up for himself and increase retribution for the embarrassment endured by his dad on account of the resentful Asthana is to turned into a specialist. He chooses to go to a
restorative school to get a MBBS degree. With the assistance of his right-hand man Circuit (Arshad Warsi) and others, Munna "gains affirmation" to a restorative school, where he again experiences Dr. Asthana, who is the senior member. His prosperity there winds up ward upon the (constrained) help of employee Dr. Rustam Pavri (Kurush Deboo). While Munna Bhai's
aptitudes as a therapeutic specialist are negligible, he changes everyone around him with the "Jadoo Ki Jhappi" ("supernatural embrace") a strategy for solace educated to Munna by his mom and the empathy he appears towards those in need. Notwithstanding the school's accentuation on mechanical, Cartesian, generic, frequently bureaucratic connections among specialists
and patients, Munna continually looks to force a progressively sympathetic, practically all encompassing, routine. To this end, he opposes all show by treating a cerebrum dead man called "Anand bhai" (Yatin Karyekar) as though the man had the option to see and see typically; interfaces on comfortable yet absolutist terms with patients; embarrasses school menaces;
gushingly thanks an until now overlooked janitor; and urges the patients themselves to make changes in their lives, so they needn't bother with medications or medical procedure. Dr. Asthana, who sees this as indications of mayhem, is unfit to keep it from growing and making progress at his school. He turns out to be progressively unreasonable, nearly to the point of
craziness. More than once, this close dementia is indicated when he gets unwelcome news and he starts snickering in a manner that infers that he has gone frantic. This conduct is clarified right off the bat as an endeavor to rehearse "chuckling treatment", an endeavor that appears to have exploded backward Asthana's giggling serves more to pass on his annoyance than
diffuse it. Then, his little girl turns out to be progressively attached to Munna, who in his turn turns out to be energetically captivated by her. Some satire shows up here, in light of the fact that Munna is uninformed that Dr.Suman and his cherished companion "Chinki" are one and the equivalent; a numbness that Suman entertainingly abuses. Asthana attempts a few
times to remove Munna however is regularly upset by Munna's mind or the friendship with which the others at the school respect Munna, having increased unrivaled confidence by his strategies. Asthana keeps a test that Munna can remain in school just on the off chance that he passes the test under his watch. Munna and different mates acknowledge it. In the interim,
malignancy quiet Zaheer (Jimmy Sheirgill) is in a withering state looking for assistance from Munna. In any case, sadly he bites the dust in Munna's arms. In the end, Munna is disgraced into leaving the school: his blame over not having the option to help Zaheer shows signs of improvement of him. At the times quickly following Munna's takeoff, Anand wonderfully
stirs from his vegetative state; now Suman gives a sincere discourse reprimanding her dad for having exiled Munna, saying that to do as such is to oust trust, sympathy, love, and bliss from the school. Asthana in the end understands his imprudence. Munna later weds Dr. Suman, learning out of the blue that she is "Chinki". The therapeutic school under Rustam Pavri's
administration since Asthana's retirement starts to impersonate Munna's extreme techniques for treatment. Munna and Suman open an emergency clinic in Munna's home town, where they execute Munna's thoughts day by day. This, notwithstanding the introduction of their posterity, wins Munna the epithet "Munnabhai M.B.B.S. Miya Biwi Bachhon Samet" (truly "Spouse Wife
with Children"). Munna's folks accommodate with him. His sidekick Circuit weds and has a child, who is nicknamed "Short out". As the film finishes up, Anand, reestablished to ordinary psychological well-being, portrays the story to kids as he is going to leave for Kolkata, West Bengal.

Release Date:  19 December 2003 (India)

Director:  Rajkumar Hirani

Genres: Comedy,Drama

Language: hindi

Movie Quality: All Quality

Movie Size: All Sizes

Film Star:  Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi, Gracy Singh

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