One 2 Ka 4 Hindi Movie Download 2001

Short story: The story is around two companions and cops, Javed (Jackie Shroff) and Arun (Shahrukh Khan), who are both Special Task Force officers and accomplices. Javed is a single man who is raising his 4 kids with a great deal of affection and exertion while Arun is his joyful, rash, trigger-cheerful though benevolent subordinate and sibling like companion. In a normal
assault and bust task, Javed and Arun lay their hands on the infamous medication ruler, KKV (Nirmal Pandey) with the assistance of Inspector Sawant (Raj Zutshi). Later in court, KKV leaves utilizing his incredible associations. While on a resulting drug strike, Javed is shot somewhere near an obscure aggressor - not long after uncovered to perhaps be a rebel officer
inside the Special Forces division. As per the executioner's hairdo, clearly the executioner's really Sawant. Arun's crushed and understands that Javed left his four children behind in his consideration in his will. The children, however, all aversion him at first yet then develop to like him a great deal. Arun then meets a servant Geeta (Juhi Chawla) who builds up
a cozy association with the children by virtue of additionally having had a nearby nearly sibling sister like individual compatibility with Javed when he was alive. In the mean time, Arun proceeds with the case to chase down the executioner who took his closest companions life alongside Sawant. Things take an emotional turn when Arun sees a young lady taking after
Geeta moving in a club with the prime suspect in Javed's homicide. At first unfit to grapple with what he has discovered. He loses his temper at the youngsters and makes a furore. A couple of days after the fact, it is uncovered Geeta was a covert specialist for the mystery police, who affirms against Arun in court and influences the judge to trust he is a street
pharmacist. Geeta gets him suspended. With no expectation left, Arun utilizes his very own abilities to discover Javed's killer. Arun understands that JD's tainted. At the point when Arun goes to JD's living arrangement, JD was at that point killed. KKV, Chief, and JD are shrewd accomplices. KKV slaughters the Chief. The police pulverize KKV's partners in crime. KKV's
going to uncover that Javed's executioner's name, yet Sawant shoots KKV and Sawant deceives Arun that KKV murdered Javed. Arun, Geeta, and Javed's children erroneously trust that KKV executed Javed. KKV uncovers that Sawant murdered Javed. Sawant at long last slaughters KKV. Sawant additionally murdered JD. Sawant murdered Javed, so he could accept his post as Senior
Task Force officer. Sawant shoots Arun, however Arun's as yet alive. Javed's youngsters figure out how to pull a rope, so a hard article can fall onto Sawant's head and Arun figures out how to pound Sawant in a clever manner. Arun murders Sawant. The film closes with Arun and Geeta together taking care of Javed's kids.

Release Date:  30 March 2001 (India)

Director:  Shashilal K. Nair

Genres: Action,Crime,Comedy

Language: hindi

Movie Quality: All Quality

Movie Size: All Sizes

Film Star:  Shah Rukh Khan, Jackie Shroff, Juhi Chawla

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