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Short story: Suraj Singh (Anil Kapoor), a lower-white collar class novice contender becomes hopelessly enamored with the excellent and affluent Komal (Karishma Kapoor). They long for a future together, however Komal's controlling dad Yashpal Chaudhary (Amrish Puri) does not concur because of Suraj's social and financial status. Komal cuts all ties with her dad and weds Suraj; she
is soon pregnant. Komal and her offended dad meet at a family wedding and they accommodate. Yashpal consents to meet Suraj at the couple's home, yet when they achieve, they see a provocative lady (Deepshikha) inside, wearing Komal's outfit. Suraj claims that he doesn't have any acquaintance with her while the lady expresses that she is Suraj's fancy woman. Suraj
attempts to demonstrate his honesty however Komal is sorrowful and goes into untimely work and brings forth a child kid. Yashpal fears that the youngster will turn into an enduring connection among Komal and Suraj, so he plots to have the child executed. Suraj overwhelms the contracted hired gunmen and removes his child to wellbeing. Yashpal deceives Komal, revealing
to her that Suraj has grabbed the youngster. Suraj moves to an obscure spot where he brings up his child Karan, by taking on various hard work occupations. After some time, the dad and child fashion a solid relationship, and Suraj tells everybody that Karan's mom is dead. At some point, Suraj meets Vaijanti (Shilpa Shetty), a peculiar and enthusiastic fisherwoman
who begins to look all starry eyed at him. She attempts a wide range of things with the expectation that Suraj will go gaga for her, however without much of any result. Vaijanti watches a religious quick for Suraj, a custom which is ordinarily done by hitched ladies. Enraged, Suraj illuminates her that his significant other is as yet alive and he is still infatuated
with her. Vaijanti is heart broken yet at the same time keeps up her fellowship with him. Komal has been kept to her chateau by her dad, where she has turned out to be extremely discouraged and inclined to fits. The specialist reveals to Yashpal that it will be hard for her to mend until she discovers her child. Yashpal finds Suraj and makes a circumstance in which
Komal sees father and child together. Yashpal attempts to get Karan hijacked yet Suraj mediates. Suraj is then compelled to clarify reality about Komal to Karan and his companions. Komal finds their home and goes there, just to be welcomed by seeing Vaijanti doing family errands. She misconstrues Vaijanti to be Suraj's darling, affronts her and after that leaves
feeling troubled. Edgy to know her child, and prodded on by her dad, Komal starts a care fight after which she effectively gains authority of Karan. Karan is amazingly disturbed about being isolated from Suraj and will not respond any of her friendship. Yashpal sets up a sumptuous gathering to praise the success in court, and Suraj attempts to enter the premises
without consent. Yashpal abuses Karan, embarrasses Suraj and has him captured. The stunned court judge observers this occurrence and reformulates his judgment, by putting forward a condition that Suraj must acquire 15 lakh rupees in a quarter of a year time, so as to demonstrate his capacity to accommodate Karans' needs. In the event that this condition is met, Suraj
will be granted full authority. Having lost his employment, Suraj chooses to battle in a high stakes wrestling match so as to perhaps win the prize cash. Meanwhile, Vaijanti goes over the lady, who initially professed to be Suraj's fancy woman and enduring with infection now. The lady admits that she never knew Sura and was rather contracted by Yashpal to act like
Suraj's sweetheart, something which she profoundly laments. Reality about how Yashpal requested Karan's passing on the day he was conceived is additionally uncovered. Vaijanti takes the lady to Komal's house and eliminates any confusion air. Komal then hurries to the wrestling field, yet it has just started. Suraj is beaten gravely however recaptures quality after
observing Komal. He eventually wins and they accommodate.

Release Date:  6 December 2002 (India)

Director:  Indra Kumar

Genres: Action,Drama

Language: hindi

Movie Quality: All Quality

Movie Size: All Sizes

Film Star: Anil Kapoor, Karisma Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty Kundra

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