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Short story: The film opens with the homicide of business head honcho Amit Singhania (Bakul Thakker) who carries on with a well off way of life alongside his better half, Ria Singhania (Shamita Shetty), in a roomy bungaloBusinesswoman Sia Malhotra (Neha Dhupia) carries on with an affluent way of life in Bangkok, alongside her twin, Ria (Neha Dhupia), who is hard of hearing and
unable to speak because of a neurological issue. She meets with Raj Oberoi (Sonu Sood), and both begin to look all starry eyed at. Their undertakings to fix Ria are all futile. Sia intends to venture out to the United States to improve her business, and has nobody to take care of Ria. So she chooses to get hitched to Raj so he could move in with Ria and take care of
her. Raj concurs, and both acquire a marriage endorsement and Sia withdraws for America. Sia does not realize that after her arrival she will be a suspect in the severe murdering of a female Caucasian, Diana (Elidh MacQueen), and won't be allowed to leave Bangkok; and she will confront further injury and stun when she finds that her sister has been going after her
better half. After an encounter between the two sisters, Ria beats Sia and leaves to Raj as Sia. She fools him into voyaging far from Sia. Before long, Raj comes to know reality. Sia also touches base by then. Seethed with displeasure Ria endeavors to execute Sia, yet Raj hinders and Ria coincidentally tumbles off the structure. Raj attempts to spare her yet Ria
understands her imprudence and relinquishes Raj's hands murdering herself. He runs an organization, Spykar Jeans. Ria is asked to co-works with the Police, who speculate her for treachery as she is the sole owner of Amit's the same old thing and riches. The police likewise speculate Amit's subordinate, Siddharth Sardesai (Parmeet Sethi), who may have murdered Amit,
who was additionally taking part in an extramarital entanglements with Sonia Sharma (Sonia Kapoor), who works for an advertisement office kept running by Diwakar. Ria meets with Aditya (Manoj Bajpayee), who likewise works for a similar promotion office, and is pulled in to him, both get engage in sexual relations, however Aditya, who is hitched to Neha (Shilpa
Shetty), and has a school-going child, Aditya, chooses to sever this relationship a lot to the mortification of Ria, who chooses to show Aditya a thing or two - and she does this by getting the advertisement organization where Aditya works, and is good to go to flip around Aditya's life. Aditya defies her and returns home in an inebriated state with blood on his
garments. Presently Aditya is captured by Police Inspector Kelly - and the charge is murder - that of Ria Singhania. A hysterical Neha procures Advocate Milind Mehta (Milind Gunaji) - however will enlisting a legal counselor guarantee the arrival of Aditya particularly when the Police realize that he had the thought process and was potentially the last individual to
have been with RiA.

Release Date: 2005

Director:  Ashu Trikha

Genres: Romance,Thriller,Drama

Language: hindi

Movie Quality: All Quality

Movie Size: All Sizes

Film Star:  Neha Dhupia, Sonu Sood, Vivek Shaq

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