SHER KA SHIKAAR (Pulimurugan) 2016 Hindi Dubbed Movie Download

Short story: Murugan (Mohanlal) lives in Puliyoor, a little woodland town that is helpless against man-eating tigerscalled Varayan Puli (striped panther) by the localsand successive human natural life clashes. When he was youthful, Murugan's mom kicked the bucket after his sibling Manikuttan was conceived. Before long, his dad was executed by a tiger; in retaliation, Murugan traps
and slaughters the tiger with the assistance of his uncle Balaraman. A long time later, Murugan is a lorry driver, has hitched Myna (Kamalini Mukherjee), and has a little girl, Chakki. He chases and executes maverick tigers at whatever point they attack the town. Recognizing his abilities in chasing Varayan Puli, the residents call him Pulimurugan (Leopard-Murugan).
Murugan is appreciative to the townspeople who thought about him after his folks' demises, and is fanatically defensive of Manikuttan, who is going to complete his MBA graduation in Mangalore. At some point, Kadutha, the town boss, meets a hooded more peculiar who approaches the whereabouts of Murugan for a chasing task. Murugan has been far from Puliyoor for a
considerable length of time and numerous individuals have been killed by tigers. As per Kadutha, Manikuttan's companions Benny and Shiva have touching base at Puliyoor, sent by Manikuttan to see Balaraman. Shiva's dad Daddy Girija possesses a pharmaceutical organization that is building up a medication to treat malignancy and they need ganja (weed) from the
timberland. In the event that the medicinal research succeeds, Manikuttan will be offered work in the organization, so Balaraman encourages them. They make an agreement with Ramaiya, an illicit ganja vendor in the timberland; on their arrival to the town they experience a tiger however are spared by Murugan, who slaughters it. In the interim, Manikuttan returns home
after his last examinations. The woodland authorities have discovered the dead tiger's remains at Thookupara; its executing is an infringement of the Indian Wildlife Protection Act, a non-bailable offense. Woodland officer R. K. is alloted to research; R.K. has a four-year-repressed hostility against Murugan. R.K. had once attempted to attack Myna, just to be
compromised by Murugan. Exploiting on the present situation, R.K. plans to document a self-witness F. I. R. against Murugan, who is compelled to stow away. In the interim, ACP Iyep Zachariah touches base at Puliyoor, obviously for Murugan. The ganja is stacked into Murugan's lorry for transporting to Mangalore. Shiva and Benny hear that a comrade of Ramaiya is in
police guardianship; seeing a plausibility of releasing the data, they are compelled to transport it medium-term. Shiva offer Murugan haven in Kasaragod under Daddy's security and tricks him that the police are in interest to capture him for the tiger slaughtering. A leader by Zachariya touches base at Murugan's home. Murugan with his family departure to Mangalore in
the vehicle and figure out how to get away from the police. He conveys the ganja and Manikuttan lands the position he was advertised. Murugan inspires Daddy and procures his trust by aiding in his business exercises. In the interim, more individuals are slaughtered by tigers at Puliyoor. In an experience with Zachariya, Murugan discovers that Daddy is unlawfully
delivering hash oil and sending out it under front of the drug store where Manikuttan is working. Manikuttan co-works with police to catch Daddy. Shiva gets Manikuttan removing proof of their exercises and torments him. Murugan salvages Manikuttan; in the following battle, Shiva is inadvertently murdered by Murugan. Police trap Daddy yet he get away. Murugan returns
home; the hooded outsider is uncovered to be Daddy, who is looking for vengeance for his child's demise. He gathers a gathering of partners in crime and professional killers, and ambushes Balaraman and resident Poongayi Sasi. Daddy and his pack take Balaraman and send Sasi back with extreme wounds. Murugan chooses to murder Daddy and a fight with the professional
killers follows. Murugan murders them all and spares Balaraman. Daddy is slaughtered by the tiger and Murugan murders it.

Release Date:  21 October 2016 (USA)

Director:  Vysakh

Genres: Action

Language: hindi dubbed

Movie Quality: All Quality

Movie Size: All Sizes

Film Star:  Mohanlal, Jagapathi Babu, Kamalinee Mukherjee

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