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Short story: The story begins off with two Indian Air Force helicopter pilots (Squadron Leader Vikram Rathore and Flight Lieutenant Shezad Khan, played by Sanjay Dutt and Sunil Shetty individually) finding a mass heap of dead renegades and an Indian trooper giving off an impression of being dead in the Kashmir valley. They later find he's alive and discover his identity by
perusing his journal. The story rotates around an Indian Border Security Force trooper named Tarun Chauhan (Bobby Deol) in the 101st BSF Battalion touching base in the northeastern India. While strolling through the wilderness hunting down his company officer, he was gotten in a device and hung topsy turvy. It is later uncovered that Havaldar (Sergeant) Mohammad Ali
(Ajay Devgn) set the snare and considers him a "nitwit" for falling into it. He meets the remainder of the squad where he lands his position as unit cook. On being inquired as to why he joined the Border Security Force, he says it is to shield his nation from any mischief. Havaldar Ali says that whoever has made that remark is only a wolf in sheep's clothing. He
reveals to him that the psychological oppressor have slaughtered numerous honest individuals and are not hesitant to murder them also. Chauhan later recognizes his codename "Tango Charlie" and learns Havaldar Ali's codename is "Mike Alpha." One day on a watch, the unit coincidentally kills one of their own as a set device by the fear based oppressor. The whole
detachment goes distraught with despondency over the oversight. At that point another youthful trooper is abducted and has his stomach cut open and is left as draw. Chauhan discovers this stunning and absolutely extraordinary. Havaldar Ali advises his excessively passionate troopers to imagine that he's dead and spotlight on murdering the psychological militants. The
withering trooper keeps on shouting in torment. Chauhan endeavors to stop one of the excessively passionate troopers from giving the injured fighter morphine. Another individual from the detachment falls into the snare and is shot dead. The shouting officer at that point bites the dust. Chauhan and Mike Alpha (Havaldar Ali) focus and flame. They murder a large portion
of the revolutionaries however others, just as their pioneer, escape. During the evening, Chauhan and Havaldar Ali look for the rest of the dissidents and slaughter them off one by one. At the point when the pioneer attempts to escape by pontoon, them two swim over and thump them off. They take part close by to-hand battle; Mike Alpha cuts the throat of the
revolutionaries head with his own cleaver. Chauhan attempts to execute the other radical yet discovers that it's a young man. He holds a blade to his face. Tarun Chauhan returns home to his local territory of Haryana. He is joyfully invited home by his family and companions. He discovers that he will be locked in to Lachchi Narayan (Tanisha), an informed PC
engineer. Chauhan has convictions about her perspectives, yet they are changed by her. They begin to look all starry eyed at, and Chauhan vows that he will return to her alive. A couple of months after the fact Chauhan and the remainder of Mike Alpha's unit are exchanged toward the eastern province of West Bengal to counter the Naxalites fear mongers unleashing
destruction on the field. Company are riding in an escort while ensuring a high-positioning colonel's significant other and youthful youngsters. As the guard approaches the city of Hyderabad, the dissidents see it and sign one of their own. He at that point presses the detonator and sets off a planted IED under the jeep, executing the colonel and his family. They fire
on the trucks, making Mike Alpha's detachment seek shelter in a rough part adjacent to the street while the dissidents chase them down. They utilize a RPG launcher to flush out the troopers however fall flat. Chauhan and the remainder of the company execute the radicals. Chauhan pursues a revolutionary; another BSF trooper endeavors to assault her. Chauhan mediates by
pulling him off. He at that point sees the revolutionary execute herself with her own ambush rifle. The other BSF trooper attempts to execute Chauhan for his intercession however he murders him in self-protection. Mike Alpha finds the entire thing and Chauhan endeavors to surrender himself saying that he will surrender to any discipline given to him. Mike Alpha says
he made the best decision.

Release Date: 25 March 2005 (India)

Director:  Mani Shankar

Genres: Action,Adventure,Drama

Language: hindi

Movie Quality: All Quality

Movie Size: All Sizes

Film Star:  Ajay Devgn, Bobby Deol, Sanjay Dutt

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