Thirupathi Express 2014 Hindi Dubbed Movie Download

Thirupathi Express 2014 Hindi Dubbed Movie Download

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Release Date:  5 September 2014 (India)
Director: Pon Kumaran
Genres: Action,Romance,Drama
Language: hindi dubbed
Movie Quality: All Quality
Movie Size: All Sizes
Film Star:  Sumanth Shailendra, Kriti Kharbanda, Ashok

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The film focusses on a family living in Hyderabad whose head is Ram Murthy (Nagineedu), a resigned dean. He is a taught individual and dependably attempts to influence his relatives to carry on similarly. To evade awful comments from the general public about his family, he sets up a family constitution of control. His madness for order is such huge that if any of his relatives submit 100 Mistakes, that individual would be ousted from the family and that mix-up can be anything which Ram Murthy loathes which amusingly incorporates chuckling out uproariously. Along these lines the majority of the relatives keep up a disciplinary life to abstain from being exiled from the house. In detail, the family comprises of Ram Murthy's better half Seetha, an Asthma quiet; his little girl Kasthuri, his child in law Anand and their children. Aside from them are Ram Murthy's two children (Brahmaji) and (Sundeep Kishan). Since Ram Murthy's sibling Subrahmanyam (Prithviraj) was claimed to be submitted 100 Mistakes however he didn't, he is sent far from home. While the majority of the relatives submit botches under 20, Sundeep submits 99 Mistakes and one more, he is out of the family. So to keep away from that Sundeep begins having a cautious existence. Brahmaji's marriage is planned at Tirupathi and the entire family sheets Venkatadri Express at Kacheguda. Sundeep's mom overlooked the Mangala sutra at the house and Sundeep leaves to bring it back. In addition, to his benefit, Sundeep is in S4 while others are in S3. So Sundeep goes outside the station and hangs tight for an Auto-Rickshaw, But none acknowledges to go to his zone. In the mean time, a penny pincher nerd Prarthana (Rakul Preet Singh) comes to Kachiguda railroad station to load up the Venkatadri Express and the Auto-Rickshaw driver goes to acquire the change request to pay her off the equalization sum subsequent to accepting the passage. Sundeep gets into the vehicle and goes to his home. He breaks the house's lock with a stone as he has no keys to open it. He takes the Mangala sutra and returns to Kachiguda Railway Station. Prarthana gets one more auto and compasses to the station. There she satisfies the passages of both the vehicles and goes to board the train. In the mean time, a traveler Dasthagiri (Sapthagiri) solicits Sundeep to take care from his pack till he gets into the train in the wake of purchasing a water jug and Sundeep acknowledges it. The two of them spare each other's Mobile numbers so that Sundeep can give a missed call to Dasthagiri if the train leaves the station and because of that, Dasthagiri would load up the train. Anyway a tiffin seller and a client fight. Sundeep so as to abstain from submitting the 100th mix-up stays silent. The story movements to following day morning around 9:30 in the Morning at Tirupathi Railway Station. Smash Murthy and his whole family travel in two vehicles which are driven by two baaraat groups. Smash Murthy, Seetha, Kasthuri and her more youthful child travel in one vehicle and Sundeep, Brahmaji, Anand, Anand's child Nikhil and their worker travel in another vehicle. Sundeep's shirt has Blood stains and when Anand, Brahmaji approach the purposes behind the stains, Sundeep portrays the story which occurred in the previous 12 hours. To bargain and stop a squabble, Sundeep gets down from the train and begins talking with the wronged people. Prarthana misleads the client that Sundeep is a Robber and obliges the client to gripe on Sundeep. In the mean time, Sundeep is expressed gratitude toward by the tiffin merchant. In any case, to Sundeep's disaster, Venkatadri Express leaves the stage. So with the assistance of the tiffin seller's companion and merchandise transporter Audi short for Aunimutyam (Thagubothu Ramesh), Sundeep goes to Shadnagar. While Sundeep comes to Shadnagar, Audi goes to the close-by Bar and squabbles with the neighborhood police calling their schnaps as shoddy alcohol. Sundeep spares Audi in time just to understand that the vehicle's keys are in the Bar. Once more Audi affronts the police. In the in the interim time Sundeep is educated by Dasthagiri that Train left Shadnagar and is going towards Jadcherla. Sundeep and Audi accidentally get into a vehicle and head out to Kurnool so as to get the train. Anyway by and by to Sundeep's disaster, They burglarized the Police's vehicle and the police are tailing them. They leave the vehicle and achieve the station of Kurnool. A Drunken Audi gets into Venkatadri Express making Sundeep miss the train once more. In the process Sundeep gets injured and swoons. On picking up cognizance, Sundeep is stunned to see that he is been taken to Shadnagar police headquarters by those Police. Once more Sundeep escapes and holds tight an Express Bus. The Bus stops and Sundeep gets into it for venturing out to Dhone Junction, one more significant stop of Venkatadri Express. To his stun Prarthana is his co-traveler. Both pointlessly squabble and subsequently are persuasively dropped out from the Bus. They board a vehicle whose Tire gets punctured. Sundeep leaves with the Tire telling that he would get it fixed however thus comes to Dhone Junction Railway Station. Once more karma fizzles and he sheets the Venkatadri Express which goes from Tirupathi to Kacheguda. He gets down from the train in time and goes to the following stage to load up the Venkatadri Express which goes from Kacheguda to Tirupathi. However, he couldn't go as he overlooked the Bag of Dasthagiri and more to it Prarthana scopes to Dhone Junction with the pack just to prevent Sundeep from boarding the Train. Sundeep in misery slaps Prarthana and hollers at her that he needs to reach Tirupathi in time. Prarthana too reacts carelessly that Sundeep too abandoned her on a roadway with no leniency at midnight not notwithstanding pondering her wellbeing. Both go to an Understanding later and travel. In the mean way while Sundeep is away for a nature call, Prarthana is seized by certain men. Fortunately Sundeep comes to in time and saves her. Sundeep and Prarthana escape away utilizing one of the goon's bicycles and reach Kadapa next morning. Venkatadri Express was said to be late for 2 Hours. To be determined time, Sundeep portrays his entire story to Prarthana who presently comprehends his circumstance. At the railroad station Sundeep and Prarthana spare two absconded sweethearts from the cohorts of the young lady's dad. They escape from the railroad station and with the assistance of a Thrill looking for Cab proprietor Bhadra (M. S. Narayana), Sundeep conducts the darlings' marriage and gives away the Mangala sutra which he needs to provide for his sibling. Brahmaji is angry in the wake of listening this yet after that Sundeep indicates one more Mangala sutra and proceeds with the story. After the cheerful completion of the darlings' marriage, Sundeep and Prarthana are stressed over the future results and are only 15 km far from Tirupathi. In any case, Dasthagiri educates them that Venkatadri Express is booked to land in about 10 minutes. Presently they find that Subrahmanyam is a truck driver who gave them lift to achieve the station. Subrahmanyam is a single man who envisioned to get hitched and he gives away the Mangala sutra he obtained. Sundeep comes to on schedule and sheets the train just before it stops in Tirupathi Railway Station. He goes about as though however he was dozing and the rest occurred. Presently the marriage of Brahmaji is being directed and Prarthana, Subrahmanyam go to the marriage. The lady of the hour's dad (Jaya Prakash Reddy) is in stress as the lady of the hour stole away with her sweetheart and his men are hunting down her. To the stun of Sundeep, the lady is none other than the young lady whose marriage was led by him and Prarthana at Kadapa. Presently Ram Murthy comes to realize that the young lady absconded with her sweetheart and the marriage is ended. Seetha comes to know the way that the young lady's marriage was directed by Sundeep and gets a serious Asthma assault. She is joined at the Government Hospital. At the point when Seetha was taken to the Hospital, the lady of the hour's dad comes to think about Sundeep's demonstration by his partners in crime and is irate. In the pursuit, Brahmaji comes to know the reality and Audi who came to Tirupathi in Venkatadri Express is following the pursuit. Amid the pursuit, Ram Murthy lets Sundeep escape Red Traffic Signals and a Traffic Constable is harmed by them. After she is conceded into the Hospital, Sundeep battles with the lady of the hour's dad's partners in crime and Ram Murthy doesn't prevent him from doing as such. Later Ram Murthy comes to know reality and Sundeep's oversights turn 100. Sundeep then reminds that Ram Murthy broke his Discipline and standards amid the pursuit and the battle and he can't leave the family since what he did was simply helping the ones in need. The lady of the hour's dad acknowledge the Lover's marriage. Smash Murthy expands the Mistakes level from 100 to 1000 letting Sundeep and Subrahmanyam reappear the house. Seetha is released right away. Audi joins the family as a hireling. The film movements to 3 months after the fact upon the arrival of Brahmaji's commitment at Ram Murthy's home. Brahmaji orders his worker to demonstrate his eventual to Sundeep first so as to dodge the past occurrence. Audi leaves Drinking and continues working there. Dasthagiri comes to meet Sundeep as a result of him, Dasthagiri was eager on that day and subsequently seemed tedious at the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams talk with which made the selectors feel that he examined well provoking them to designate him. Sundeep is panicked and strained and when his darling Prarthana asks him the reason, he answers in a strained way that he submitted his 999th Mistake.

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