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The film movements to Inspector Vijay (Bellamkonda Sreenivas), a legitimate cop's life. He lives 
with his mom who urges him to carry out his responsibility genuinely. His senior Chintakayala 
Aavesam (Posani Krishna Murali) dependably takes his credits.

He spares a young lady from goons and she says she was hanging tight for her beau. He hangs tight
for him to come in transport stop with her. She asks him whether he had a romantic tale. He begins
saying his story.

When he went with his mom to a shopping center, Samyukta (Kajal Aggarwal) gave back his handbag
which was lost. He meets her again and causes her catch a hoodlum who says he needs cash for his
mom and she gives him cash and says Vijay not to gripe. He meets her again when Aavesam attempts
to capture her for a mishap yet she oversees him. He pursues her and discovers that she is working
for a bistro. He consistently goes there and meets her. Yet, one day morning her companion said
that Samyukta is locked in and he us left devastated.

1. Inspector Vijay (KAVACHAM) 2019 

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2. Kavalai Vendam 2016 Movie 

Aravind (played by Jiiva) is a tease who becomes hopelessly enamored and weds Divya (Kajal 
Aggarwal). They have a contention and Divya parts ways with Aravind almost an alcohol outlet. She 
comes back to his life after quite a while just to look for separation from him. He takes a 
limitless ticket to ride from her and puts another condition for marking the legal documents. He 
needs her to live with him in his home for a week and carry out all the wifely responsibilities,  
for example, cooking and cleaning. She consents to this and the film goes south from that point. 

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3. Tabaahi Zulm KI (Ism) 2019 

Javed Ibrahim (Jagapati Babu), is a prominent criminal who is secluded from everything in Tenerife 
islands with his group and little girl, Alia (Aditi Arya), because of a few of his tricks being 
uncovered in India. Kalyan Ram (Nandamuri Kalyan Ram), happens to see her amid a battle at an 
illicit battle club and falls head over heels for her. He even gets to know Javed Bhai subsequent 
to offering him nearby Indian Karim Beedis. Nonetheless, neither of them uncover their 
personalities to one another. With the assistance of marriage merchant Don Bosco (Ali), Javed Bhai 
gets Alia connected with to the Prince of Persia. In the interim, Javed Bhai helps Kalyan charm a 
young lady he prefers, ignorant that the young lady is his little girl. Alia gradually succumbs to 
Kalyan Ram, and educates Javed Bhai, who, understanding her darling is Kalyan, endeavors to 
demonstrate to her that he is deceiving her. Be that as it may, on observing them, Kalyan flees 
from that point, in the end bouncing into ocean.

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4. Shakti (Ek Tha Soldier) 2011 Movie

Aishwarya (Ileana D'Cruz) is the little girl of focal association home clergyman Mahadevraya (Prabhu). Because of security reasons, he doesn't enable his little girl to go on an outing with companions. She in any case goes to the outing. She at that point meets a guide, Shakti (Jr. NTR), who takes the gathering on an excursion to a few spots. At first, she despises him since he utilizes each opportunity to get cash from her. Yet, when he spares her, she begins loving him. A short time later, a couple of individuals who are pursuing her at last discover her in Haridwar and attempt to kill Shakti as he hurt them before. Their arrangement bombs as Shakti ends up being a Secret Agent and protects himself and gets the primary individual in this arrangement. At the point when Aishwarya returns to her dad, he pardons her and asks whether she had taken a case wherein there is a sacred stone. When she answers in the negative, he says that it could really compare to his own little girl. Afterward, when Shakti goes to a sanctuary, the crate tumbles off a bushel his mom carried with blooms over it. They illuminate Mahadevaya who asks them to promptly come to Hampi with the container and Aishwarya. Their movement is hindered by a tough man named Raakha who is the senior child of an Egyptian adversary Faqtooni (Pooja Bedi) who is then vanquished by Shakti. He at that point murders the more youthful child Bashim (Vidyut Jamwal) who attempts to get the case. At that point Mahadevaraya and a Swami (Nassar) come to him and after that the flashback is uncovered.

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5. Policewale Ki Jung 2018 

Madhav is a provincial, rustic young man and great b-ball player who can't communicate in English 
well. He gets acknowledgment into University dependent on a games quantity. At grounds, he meets 
Riya Somani, a high society young lady who is permitted transitory affirmation likewise dependent 
on a games standard. Madhav encourages Riya to prepare and win her preliminary, verifying her 
place at the University. They become great companions and play b-ball each night in the school 
court. At the point when Madhav tells his flat mate Shailesh (Vikrant Massey) and companions about 
Riya, they push him to approach Riya out for a date. Following day, Madhav asks Riya out and the 
two of them go for a film. In the theater, Madhav endeavors to draw near to Riya yet she stops him 
and asks him to simply be a companion. Soon thereafter, Madhav talks about the occurrence with his 
companions, who still urge him to seek after Riya in the expectations that she will in the end 
date him. 

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6. Jaguar 2018 Hindi Dubbed Movie 

The film opens with a legal advisor recommending his companion over telephone to watch "SS news 
station" to watch a live homicide being appeared. He cuts the call saying he'll call subsequent to 
watching the homicide and changes to that channel, when the power is cut. He directions a PC 
repairman who had come to fix his PC to checkout the end result for the power and instructs him to 
turn it on when a lightning strikes and the repairman's face is appeared. The repairman(Nikhil 
Gowda) at that point uncovers that he's the person who hacked the channel and put that warning 
there and tells the attorney that he's the person who's going to kick the bucket and inevitably 
figures out how to execute him while broadcasting it through an automaton camera and escapes in 
the wake of overcoming all the security protects. The following day an ACP(Jagapathi Babu) lands 
to understand the case and names the case and the executioner as Jaguar. The following day, 
there's a discourse function by SS Medical College's topper Arya who gets chose as the understudy 
chief and pledges that there'll be no ragging in the school from now on and continues to respect 
the main years. 

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7. Jurmana (Radha) 2018 

Radha Krishna(Sharwa) is a carefree cop who goes to any degree to serve the division. One fine 
day, he is exchanged to Hyderabad and gets into a tussle with an eventual boss pastor Sujatha(Ravi 
Kissan). Upon examination, he discovers that Sujatha is a feared criminal who is endeavoring to 
some way or another pack the top post in the state. Rest of the story is about how a little time 
cop like Radha figures out how to depose an amazing lawmaker like Sujatha and prevents him from 
taking a definitive power. 

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8. Rx 100 Movie 2019


The tale of the film is situated in the rustic town of Godavari where Shiva (Karthikeya), who is a 
respectful and refined heart-throb who is raised by Daddy (Ramki). He in the end meets Indu (Payal 
Rajput) who is the little girl of a nearby politician.Love blooms between the couple and when the 
opportunity arrives to unveil the undertaking to their older folks, the couple gets isolated 
through a stunning turn. Much the same as the plot, Shiva is lost when he supposes the older folks 
reject his affection with Indu. He ends up forceful, later it is uncovered that Indu never 
cherished Shiva and she just utilized him to fulfill her craving for sex and desire. 

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9.Dashing CM Bharath (Bharath Ane Nenu) 2018 

Bharat Ram (Mahesh Babu), a splendid however dubious understudy with a ravenous thrist for 
information, graduates with his fifth degree from Oxford. At his uncle's (Saakshi Sivaa) house, 
Bharat comes to discover that his dad, Chief Minister of (at the time unified) Andhra Pradesh 
Raghava Raju (R. Sarathkumar), was hospitalized and kicked the bucket from a stroke. On a trip to 
his familial home in Hyderabad, Bharat thinks back about his past. 
As a tyke, Bharat is reproved by his mom (Aamani) for eating dessert against restorative 
exhortation, and he guarantees her he won't eat it once more. Raghava Raju, occupied with another 
ideological group (the Navodayam Party) that he and his companion Varadarajulu (Prakash Raj) 
framed, is demonstrated to be too occupied to even think about spending time with his family. 
After Bharat is found to have eaten dessert once more, his mom helps him on the significance to 
remember guarantees. 

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10. Tutak Tutak Tutiya 2016 Movie 

Krishna Kumar (Prabhu Deva) is a cheerful Tamilian who works in Mumbai. He invests his energy 
looking for his fantasy young lady. He needs his life accomplice to be taught and have supermodel 
looks. He doesn't need a nation young lady for a spouse. His grandma is on her deathbed and his 
dad needs him to get hitched. His dad with the guide of his grandma picks a young lady from their 
town. He attempts ordinarily to stop the marriage yet nothing works. He gets hitched to the young 
lady, Devi (Tamannaah) reluctantly. He endeavors to dispose of her and movements to another house 
to conceal her from his companions. 

In the wake of moving to the new house, Devi's identity changes, which shocks Krishna. He 
reluctantly takes her to a film celebration where, to his stun, she moves and calls herself Ruby. 
She pulls in the consideration of entertainer Raj Khanna (Sonu Sood). Krishna asks about the house 
with his neighbors and, to his doubt, finds out about the past proprietor, a young lady called 
Ruby, an on-screen character who should make a big appearance with Raj Khanna however she was 
supplanted by another entertainer which made her fall into gloom and end it all in that very 
house. He discovers that his significant other is controlled by Ruby. Ruby gets an acting idea for 
the third continuation of Revolver Raja with Raj Khanna and she powers Krishna to give her a 
chance to go to each practice. Inevitably Krishna makes an arrangement with her to end this after 
one motion picture. Through the film making process which includes Krishna deceiving Devi, Krishna 
starts to value his significant other and experiences passionate feelings for her. Ruby and 
Krishna likewise turned out to be dear companions. 

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11. Encounter Man 2 (Sankarabharanam) 2015 

Sankarabharanam is a change of the Hindi sleeper hit - Phas Gaye Re Obama. The film recounts to 
the narrative of a NRI from America who is very nearly chapter 11. He discovers that he possesses 
a castle in India and goes there to attempt and offer it. Be that as it may, on his entry, he gets 
seized and afterward continues getting passed on starting with one posse then onto the next for 
higher wholes of payment. Here begins an insane ride of that leaves everybody associated with it 
totally dumbfounded. 

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12. Raju Gadu 2018 Hindi Movie 

Raj Tharun has a difficult issue; he is a natural thief. He can't prevent himself from taking 
little things. Notwithstanding when he begins to look all starry eyed at the lovely Amyra Dastur, 
he couldn't control himself from taking. That makes a tremendous issue for his affection life as 
Amyra's dad loathes culprits. Will Raj at last have the option to get freed his propensity for 
stealing and win Amyra over. 

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13. Krishna Ka Badla (Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum) 2012 

The film begins with Devika (Nayantara) recording illicit mining in Bellary by Reddappa (Milind 
Gunaji), a savage business magnate. Reddappa torches a town with the goal that the general 
population leave, on the grounds that under it is an enormous iron mineral store, which he needs 
to mine. The townspeople, particularly Matti Raju (L.B. Sriram), need to slaughter Reddappa to 
render retribution. It is later uncovered that Devika isn't a columnist however a source of the 

In Hyderabad, BTech Babu (Rana Daggubati) performs in stage plays under the tutelage of his 
granddad "Surabhi" Subrahmanyam (Kota Srinivasa Rao). Be that as it may, Babu isn't keen on acting 
and chooses to leave for the US for a superior life. Sorrowful after learning of his grandson's 
expectations, Subrahmanyam passes on that night. Babu understands his error and chooses to satisfy 
his granddad's last wish of performing in the play Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum, which was composed 
by Subrahmanyam. Babu goes to Bellary with his troupe to organize the play. The troupe lives with 
Rampam (Brahmanandam), who is initially known as Rangasthala Pandit (Telugu)/Sanathanam . 

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14. Kabali 2016 Hindi Dubbed Movie 

A Kuala Lumpur based wear Kabaleeswaran nom de plume Kabali (Rajinikanth) is discharged 
subsequent to going through 25 years in jail on a bogus allegation of beginning a slaughter at a 
nearby Hindu sanctuary that murdered many, including his better half Kumudhavalli (Radhika Apte). 
He promptly continues charge of his old group and before long goes up against Loganathan (Mime 
Gopi), a medication dealer. Loga affronts Kumudha, saying that she would have been sold into 
prostitution had she been alive. In striking back, Kabali rams his vehicle into Loga, executing 
him; notwithstanding, the occurrence causes him to trust that his better half might be as yet 
alive. Afterward, Kabali endures a death endeavor by Tamizh Kumaran nom de plume Kumaran 
(Kalaiyarasan), whose father Tamilmaaran (Charles Vinoth) was murdered by Kabali when Kumaran was 
a young man. The following day, at a capacity composed by the Free Life Foundation School, a 
school begun by Kabali's companion Ameer (John Vijay) to change adolescents associated with 
crimes, Kabali discusses his past. 

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15. Jai Lava Kusa 2017 

Three indistinguishable triplets Jai, Lava, and Kusa are being dealt with by their maternal uncle 
(Posani Krishna Murali). They have various identities and look for a modest life by stage 
dramatization exhibitions. Magma and Kusa exceed expectations in acting, while Jai is sidelined by 
his uncle because of his stammering inability. Jai, however an individual from the family, is set 
to do family unit errands and is treated as the peon. He later sets the show arrange ablaze and 
Following 20 years, each of the three siblings (played by N. T. Rama Rao Jr.) have progressed 
toward becoming grown-ups. They are dissipated and look for their very own lives in better places. 
Kusa, a specialist mugger with a cheerful frame of mind who does anything with cash, mugs a 
gigantic measure of cash to travel to the US, yet the arrangement in the long run reverse 
discharges. He happens to meet his sibling Lava, a bank administrator who runs a moral life. He 
fears losing his affection intrigue Priya (Raashi Khanna) and employment. Kusa hatches an 
arrangement to go to the bank and imitate Lava, while Lava attempts to make Priya succumb to him. 
He says that she also adores him however does not acknowledge in view of her family. Priya before 
long acknowledges his adoration. Be that as it may, Kusa swindles Lava and flees with the cash. 

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16. Race Gurram (Main Hoon Lucky The Racer) Movie 

Smash (Shaam) and Lakshman, otherwise known as Lucky, (Allu Arjun) are siblings and perfect 
inverses. While the previous is a good and driven Assistant Commissioner of Police, the last is a 
joyful person who is always inconsistent with his sibling. Criminal turned government official 
Shiva Reddy (Ravi Kishan) and his goons hold a squad of cops at gunpoint, and power Officer Rajeev 
(Rajiv Kanakala) to slaughter his leader, ACP Sameer, to spare the lives of the remainder of the 
officers. Smash is roused to avert Shiva Reddy's support in the up and coming decisions. 

Fortunate succumbs to Spandana (Shruti Haasan), little girl of the rich Bheem (Prakash Raj). In 
the wake of gathering Lucky all the time, she responds his adoration. Smash comes to know about 
Lucky's relationship and reveals to Prakash that Lucky is sluggish and garbage as requital for a 
past trick, and Prakash discloses to Lucky he can't wed his girl. Fortunate faces Ram, and they 
begin battling. At the point when Lucky doesn't stop, he's slapped by his mom without precedent 
for his life. Sincerely shaken and irate at his sibling, he takes Ram's Jeep, wherein Ram was 
transporting documents that implicated Shiva Reddy in various violations. Fortunate is then 
assaulted by Shiva Reddy's men, and the Jeep goes up on fire alongside the documents. Fortunate 
thrases the goons, who at that point uncover they intended to murder Ram and discard the 
documents on requests from Shiva Reddy. Fortunate winds up irritated and kidnaps Shiva Reddy from 
his designation march. He gives Shiva Reddy a chance to live since Ram was not slaughtered, 
however seriously wounds him and abandons him swinging from a tree. 

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17. Naa Peru Surya Na Illu India(Surya The brave Soldier) 2018 Movie 

Surya (Allu Arjun) is a trooper in the Indian Army who experiences outrage the executives issues 
and dreams of being posted at the LOC. In the wake of getting into a fight at a nearby club and 
assaulting Inspector Pradeep Negi (Ravi Kale) and taking the last's firearm, Surya utilizes it to 
give dead a psychological militant right when the officer comes to request his weapon from Surya's 
senior Col. Sanjay Shrivastav (Boman Irani). In the wake of being court martialled for 
indisciplinary activity, Surya's back up parent (Rao Ramesh) demands Shrivastav to give Surya a 
last possibility. Shrivastav concurs on the condition that Surya gets a mark of endorsement from 
the nation's top therapist and the Dean of the Institution of Psychology and Foreign Languages, 
Dr. Ramakrishna Raju (Arjun Sarja), who happens to be Surya's alienated dad. 

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18. Khatarnak Khiladi 2 (Anjaan) 2014 

A debilitated man Krishna (Suriya) touches base at Mumbai from Kanyakumari at a train station 
subsequent to boarding a train from that point. He, alongside a cab driver Raja (Soori), head out 
around Mumbai to search for his senior sibling, Raju. Raja endeavors to become more acquainted 
with about Krishna yet is unfit to get any insights concerning him from him. Krishna leases a 
lodging, cleans up, and puts on something else. He gets Raja to take him to a club, where Krishna 
at that point endeavors to meet an old partner of Raju named Amar, who is an exceptionally 
incredible criminal through his associates, yet comes up short. He at that point meets a dear 
companion of Raju named Rajiv (Asif Basra), who caught his discussion with Amar's partners in 
crime. Rajiv discloses to Krishna that Raju will be Raju Bhai (Suriya), a ground-breaking and 
dreaded criminal. He at that point educates things to Krishna concerning Raju, until he goes out 
from being flushed. 

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19. Bhai (2013) Movie In Hindi 

Bhai (Akkineni Nagarjuna) is the mostskilled and confided in implementer of a Hong Kong-based wear 
named David (Ashish Vidyarthi). David is vigorously subject to Bhai for his everyday activities. 
This is hated by his children James (Sonu Sood) and Tony (Ajay). 
David sends Bhai to Hyderabad to complete off a covert cop who is upsetting the mafia tasks in the 
city. At the appropriate time, Bhai catchs Radhika (Richa Gangopadhyay), a horticulturist who 
becomes hopelessly enamored with him. Be that as it may, Bhai never acknowledges her proposition. 
Bhai starts chasing down the covert officer and reveals his personality. The cop is Arjun 
(Prasanna), and Bhai chooses to complete him off. Upon the arrival of the preliminary, Bhai 
discovers that Arjun is his sibling subsequent to seeing his dad Raghava (Nagineedu) with Arjun. 
He drops the arrangement and endeavors to exit, however the visuals of Bhai pointing in Arjun with 
a weapon are recorded. Bhai doesn't know about these. Be that as it may, Arjun is assaulted by a 
couple of camouflaged outfitted men, and he murders every one of them. A lot to Bhai's stun, one 
of the perished is Tony, who embarks to India on the recommendation of James so as to murder Arjun 
and addition David's appreciation. David is shocked subsequent to understanding reality and is 
never going to budge on executing Arjun. 

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20. Vivegam 2017 Movie 

The film opens with an arms trade bargain between the General Secretary of Europol police and the 
leader of the Russian mafia posse in a thick Serbian woodland, verified with various layers of 
military staff. AK, a previous counter-psychological militant specialist, effectively catches the 
arrangement and verifies the weapons drive. In the mean time, the universal counter-psychological 
militant gathering is watchful for him. Aryan, a central strategist, and his group volunteer to 
discover AK. 

AK lives joyfully with his significant other Yazhini, who claims and deals with an Indian eatery. 
Their life is hindered by a mission to follow a programmer, Natasha from Bulgaria, who is in 
charge of deciphering the security codes of the plutonium weapons. There have just been three 
man-made seismic exercises brought about by the blast of plutonium bombs. She is needed by the 
Interpol, CIA, and fear based oppressor bunches far and wide for her hacking abilities. AK's 
central goal is to verify Natasha, in this way avoiding the two future seismic shakes focused in 

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