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Short story: This film is about the lives and travails of individuals living around an imaginary traffic motion in Mumbai. Anyone who drives in Mumbai has encountered the 2-odd moment hold up at a traffic flag. The traffic flag incorporates a microcosm of individuals who get their day by day occupations from it. There are poor people (children and grown-ups), whores, cheats,
eunuchs and other people who sell garments, blooms and knickknacks. They talk rapidly, act quick and work fairly decently (with one another) to squeeze a small living out of the brutal Mumbai road life. They owe faithfulness and hafta (week after week "security" expense) to the flag chief, Silsila (Kunal Khemu). Silsila grew up at the flag. He ran different
exchanges there before he turned into the chief. He is a perfect director: touchy and minding of his laborers yet savage with regards to conveyance. Silsila reports into a mid-level wear, Jaffar, who thus reports to the huge supervisor Haji bhaijaan. Life is well at the flag. A delicate young lady, Rani (Neetu Chandra), touches base at the flag to sell ethnic
garments. The underlying firecrackers bloom into more profound camaraderie with Silsila. Everything continues ordinarily. Unbeknownst to Silsila, Haji bhaijaan is a piece of a bigger nexus of shrewdness that involves lawmakers and the bigger Mafia. Haji must play a hazardous diversion where he is compelled to conjure the accidental pawn, Silsila, to begin a
progression of occasions that could at last decimate the traffic flag. Silsila is uninformed of the bigger results as he does his requests beyond a shadow of a doubt. Be that as it may, reality occurs to him when he is captured for a situation of homicide, coercion and pay off where he was not really mindful of things. The flag faces annihilation. Silsila's reality,
and every one of the general population who grew up with it, face elimination. Silsila is compelled to settle on a decision between his life and his reality. As his life moves from Green to Red, he may just expectation that the flag moves from Red to Green. Silsila is the "director" of one traffic flag, that is he gathers the "hafta" (security charge) from each flag
squatter carrying out his specialty. There's Tsunami, a little forager kid, there's Rani - a Gujrati young lady selling ethnic garments on the walkway, and there's Dominic - a medication junkie and the whore who feels for him. At that point there's Silsila himself, who's a vagrant, and reports to Jaffer bhai the neighborhood goon. Jaffer bhai thusly reports to Haji
the pioneer of the neighborhood mafia. Also, the hafta, from each traffic flag and region Haji controls, leaks upward to the legislators. Life is standard, until Silsila and Jaffer bhai become involved with a chain of occasions which compromises the very wellspring of their work - the traffic flag itself, and Silsila should either stay quiet with dread or challenge .
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Release Date:  2 February 2007 (India)

Director:  Madhur Bhandarkar

Genres: Drama

Language: hindi

Movie Quality: All Quality

Movie Size: All Sizes

Film Star:  Kunal Khemu, Neetu Chandra, Upendra Limaye

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