Vijay Meri Hai (Prema Kavali) 2011 Hindi Dubbed Movie Download


Short story: Prema (Isha Chawla) is the dear little girl of a fair and exacting cop (Nassar) yet she is as of now being extorted by one individual (Shafi). Prema's strain grabs the attention of her sister-in-law (Sindhu Tolani) and this uncovers a flashback. The story is about Srinu (Aadi), Prema's colleague and his adoration for her. Be that as it may, Prema doesn't react to his
affection emotions however progresses toward becoming companions with him. Be that as it may, in an unforeseen circumstance, Srinu kisses Prema and this makes her loathe Srinu and that turns into the reason for her stresses. Those photographs are utilized by the blackmailer saying that he would mail them to her dad. This influences Prema's sister-in-law to go to
Srinu's Home in Khammam, where Srinu comes back from Training of N.C.C.. He subsequent to listening the entire story, pledges to take care of the considerable number of issues and goes to Hyderabad. In spite of the fact that at first it ends up hard for Srinu to explore, he later designates a Chain Snatcher named Chain Raja (Ali) and instructs him to pursue her and
give him refreshes. In the mean time it is uncovered to the Audience that the genuine man behind this Blackmail is Tagore (Dev Gill), a Dreaded Mafia Don who needs a Terrorist discharged from the Prison on the requests of Terrorist gatherings, whose Incharge is Prema's Father. At that point Chain Raja watches Prema conveying a whole of Money to an Old house where the
Blackmailer is in mask. He takes the total of cash, gives the photographs, and Cleverly gets the secret word of Prema's dad's email ID where the Terrorist's Imprisonment subtleties are held. Before Tagore's Henchmen would grab the photographs from Prema, Srinu spares her and they Burn the Photos. Afterward, Prema begins Loving Srinu and Tagore executes an Escape
intend to influence the Terrorist to get discharged from the Prison. The entire fault is on Prema's dad and he goes up against Prema which makes her Confess reality. Being the individual cherishing her and as a N.C.C. learner, Srinu sets out to pursue Tagore and the Terrorist. In a battle Srinu murders Tagore and The Terrorist is sent to Police Custody. Later Srinu
goes to where he kissed Prema and discovers her hanging tight for him. The film closes with a scene highlighting Srinu and Prema admit their adoration for one another.

Release Date: | 25 February 2011

Director:  Vijay K. Bhaskar

Genres: Action,Romance,Comedy

Language: hindi dubbed

Movie Quality: All Quality

Movie Size: All Sizes

Film Star:  Aadi, Isha Chawla, Dev Gill

Download Vijay Meri Hai (Prema Kavali) 2011 Hindi Dubbed Movie Download
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