Yaar Anmulle Punjabi Movie Download 2011

Yaar Anmulle  Punjabi movie Download 2011

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Release Date:  7 October 2011 (India)
Director: S.S. Rajamoul
Genres: Comedy
Language: punjabi
Movie Quality: All Quality
Movie Size: All Sizes
Film Star:  Arya Babbar, Jividha Astha, Harish Verma

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On his first day at college, Sher Singh (Harish Verma) meets his flat mate Deep Sondhi (Yuvraj Hans). Their third flat mate Guru (Arya Babbar) discourteously assesses their possessions. Sher Singh concedes he isn't conversant in English. Profound uncovers that he's there on the grounds that it's up close and personal and his mother. Whenever Sher and Deep are undermined by ragging (initiation) by Saabu, Guru spares them. Holding before bed, Sher and Deep consent to make the best of their time at college, especially searching for young ladies. At an address, Sher is pulled in to the voice of an understudy, Priyanka (Jenny Ghottra), however misspeaks her name as Prinka. The following young lady, Amandeep Kaur Man (Kajal Jain), is from a similar city as Deep. Talking about Amandeep, Sher and Deep draw in their educator's consideration, who influences them to present themselves. Next is Simarpreet Kaur Dhillon (Jividha Astha), a class topper and certain that she will be once more. The instructor uncovers that Guru's been coming up short his class since two years. Master makes a trick of the educator. Afterward, Sher endeavors to see Prinka's face yet falls flat. Once more, Sher and Deep are compromised with ragging, however Guru wards off their assailants, yet Guru is undermined with rustication. Master's dad castigates him for raising hell, and guides him to patch his ways or get nothing. Sher and Deep find that Guru is furious due to a young lady. Saabu and his companions beat Guru yet Sher and Deep stop the battle. The three flat mates bond. The three folks endeavor to bunk off an address yet Simarpreet calls the instructor's consideration, who tosses them out. Sher at long last gets a quick look at Priyanka's face. They become companions. Simarpreet is top of the class yet the three folks get horrible scores. Simarpreet berates them for not paying attention to any of this. Profound finds that Guru composes verse to overlook the young lady from quite a while ago. At the college celebration, Deep plays out a tune dependent on Guru's verse, appearing genuine Guru. Master runs out, viewed by Simarpreet. She is sorry to Guru for her conduct and he acknowledges. The three young men meet Deep's mother, who uncovers that Deep went to class with Amandeep. Profound tells Guru and Sher that he adores Amandeep yet he's never advised her. Sher drives Priyanka to a date. When they arrive, she reveals to him that she's there for her first date with Saabu. Sher was only her ride and they don't share anything practically speaking. Sher pines after Priyanka, and Guru uncovers to Simarpreet that he feels capable. Be that as it may, Simarpreet realizes that Saabu is undermining Priyanka, and they engineer Saabu's ruin. Priyanka laments how she fell for the wrong person yet she didn't complete her last task. Sher catches this. The instructor uncovers that Sher was the special case who didn't submit. Sher should retake the entire year or leave. Priyanka gets Deep and Guru, searching for Sher. Master discloses to her that she didn't merit Sher's companionship. Priyanka discovers him at the train station and apologizes. He excuses her and they get together. Master discovers Simarpreet and says thanks to her, however she approaches Guru for a relationship. He acknowledges. At the point when Guru's dad finds them, he inquires as to why Guru is with her. Master cherishes her and he needs to wed her. Master's dad needs to find out about her family. Simarpreet concurs yet she reveals to him she cherishes Guru for his knowledge. She swears that Guru will pass this year as evidence of their affection. Profound finds Amandeep's marriage card, reporting her 'organized' marriage to a Sikh person. The folks persuade Deep to reveal to her the amount he adores her. She says that she knew, however it's past the point of no return. Amandeep's siblings discover them and they beat up Deep. Master and Sher rushed to Deep's guide however Saabu acts as a burden. Master and Sher in the long run thrashing him. Deferred, they get to the medical clinic with Deep's mother. At the point when Deep awakens, he expresses gratitude toward them yet Amandeep is as yet getting hitched. Master says they'll go. At Amandeep's wedding, Deep grasps her hand, infuriating her family. Amandeep's dad inquires as to whether she adores Deep. She says that she does, so he consents to their marriage. After the last, most important tests, their outcomes are declared. Amandeep and Deep get similar outcomes, Sher shows improvement over Priyanka, and Guru's dad expresses gratitude toward Simarpreet for taking Guru back to him. Simarpreet offers to improve Guru's imprints significantly further however all that Guru's dad needs is to consider her to be his child's lady. After two years, on graduation, the folks think about their time at college. At the point when the young ladies arrive, they pair up and leave for the goodbye party.

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